Australian Photograph Competition

Australian Photo Competition

WIN a Camping Gift Pack in our Photo Competition. Australian Explorer is looking for all those budding photographers out there, as well as those of you who have managed to capture a fantastic fluke shot. Send in your favourite photographs of Australia to Australian Explorer. This might be a picture of your home town, favourite animal or holiday snap. Whatever you choose, we want to see it. If you're lucky you may even win one of our fabulous prizes. The winner is the photograph with the most Facebook Likes and Votes Combined.

Photo Competition Details

Each photograph competition runs for a period of six months followed by a voting period of three months. Once the six month entry period has expired no more entries to that particular competition will be accepted and voting begins. Entries made during the voting period will automatically be entered into the next competition. These entries will be made immediately visible to the public within the "Latest Photograph Competition Entries" area.

This overlapping multi-stage entry system enables Australian Explorer to constantly accept entries with the advantage of prizes being awarded every six months.

The Winner of the Best Australian Photograph competition will be sent a camping gift pack.

Good Luck!

* For full details please read the prize terms and conditions

Competition Rules

By entering a photograph you are acknowledging that the photograph was taken by yourself, and is not from copyrighted sources. While the photographer retains the copyright of any images submitted as a competition entry, Australian Explorer reserves the rights to use photograph entries in any future publicity by Australian Explorer. This includes use on the Australian Explorer website and other promotional activities. Before entering please read our Terms and Conditions.


The winning photograph will be chosen by visitors to the Australian Explorer website. Voting for the previous competition ended on 31st January 2016. Voting for the latest competition will begin on the 1st May 2016. The winning photograph will be displayed soon!


View the winning photograph from the last competition, along with the 9 runners up. The winning photograph was chosen by visitors to the Australian Explorer website who voted from a selection of 302 photographs.


An archive of photographs entered into previous Australian Explorer photograph competitions. The photographs within this area have already been voted on and are not part of the current competition but appear on the website as an inspiration for new talent and for our visitors enjoyment. There is a great selection of good and not so good, original and not so original photographic talent.

The fact is, you have got to be in it, to win it. So either, get your camera out and take that competition winning photograph you always thought you where capable of or enter that great photograph your always talking about - it's somewhere in that dusty old photo album, on the wall or wherever else you may keep them hidden.

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