Blue Mountains Abseiling and Canyonning Full Day Adventure

Blue Mountains Abseiling and Canyonning Full Day Adventure - Rock Climbing & AbseilingThis full day abseiling and canyoning adventure day.
The day starts with abseils of 5m,15and 30 metres. After lunch we head into Empress canyon. There are water jumps, swims, wading and more water jumps as you go through the canyon.
At the end of the canyon there is a 30 metre waterfall, and the only way out of the canyon is to abseil through the falls!!!

All abseiling equipment, wet suits, dry bag and canyon pack is provided.
Lunch is also provided.

To go on this trip You need socks and shoes you can wet, swimwear and a bottle of water

The various adventures that are available include:

Grand Canyon (Grade: Easy)

After enjoying the morning on our beginners abseil instruction site, you will start the canyon in the afternoon with a walk through a rainforest gully. Your guide will explain the geology, plus flora and fauna of the area.

This canyon begins with a 15 metre abseil down to the canyon floor. It's a two hour walk, wade and swim as you follow the deep and spectacular canyon through caverns of amazing rock formations, fern-lined walls and narrow slots. The final plunge is a 30 metre swim to the canyon's end. The walk out is a steep 45 minutes but has a spectacular finish as you step out onto Evans Lookout for brilliant views over the Grose Valley.

Empress Canyon (Grade: Moderate)

A fantastic abseiling/canyon combination, one of the mountains best! The first half of the day is abseiling, starting with a three metre high block and building up to higher cliffs during the morning.

After lunch, it's a scenic fifteen minute walk to the start of the canyon. You wade into the creek that descends into the narrow slot-like canyon and within a few seconds you are jumping into a rock pool, the first of several jumps and swims! This canyon is an exciting affair with water jumps, exhilarating swims, waterslides and fantastic scenery.

The final abseil out of the canyon is one of the best waterfall abseils in the mountains - clip into the rope, step back and follow the 30 metre waterfall down to the deep rock pool below. This is not just a brilliant waterfall abseil but also a fantastic photo opportunity.

Dargans Creek (Grade: Moderate)

Come and join us on an exciting adventure into the wilderness of Dargans Creek canyon! Following a morning of training to hone your abseiling skills and fuelling your body with a hearty lunch, you will travel into the stunning amphitheatre which marks the start of the canyon.

A spectacular 40-metre abseil to the canyon floor is the exhilarating introduction to this adventure. The initial sections of the canyon are through alternating sections of temperate rainforests and eucalyptus forest.The canyon winds through narrow canals, which are the home of water dragons, crayfish and a myriad of bird life. The final sections of the canyon are stunning!

The highlight is one of the finest tunnel passages of any Blue Mountains canyon. Scrambling and swimming through the dark passages you will enjoy the beautiful gold, yellow and burgundy rock formations of the unusual tunnel formation.Upon leaving the tunnel you will burst into the rainforest oasis which marks the exit of the canyon. The action doesn't end until you have completed an exciting scramble up a waterfall, a Tarzan climb up a large tree and a gentle bush stroll back to the bus.


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