Air Combat Jet Fighter Mission

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Air Combat Jet Fighter Mission - Jet FighterThe Air Combat Jet Fighter mission is an 26 minute flight with 20 minutes airtime. This mission includes a full range of incredible aerobatic and air combat maneuvers all whilst airbourne over some of Victoria's most stunning coastline.

Once fully briefed and 'suited up' in your genuine military flight suit, gloves, fighter helmet and life support equipment, our ground crew will strap you in ready for an experience you will never forget!

Within minutes of leaving our base in your wake, you will climb to your designated altitude, riding shot gun enroute to your aerobatic and air combat maneuvers such as straight up loops, inverted flight and aileron, hesitation or barrel rolls, where you will experience the full effect of both positive and negative 'G' force!.

We promise the flight of your life whilst you observe one of our experienced ex military pilots in action as he takes you over the Bellarine Peninsula, with Geelong's scenic coastline and Port Phillip Bay tumbling down below you.

True to the traditional style of recovery to base, your flight will conclude with an initial pitch and break (standard military approach and landing) that will include a low level, high speed pass paralleling the duty runway which includes the application of gentle 'G' force in preparation for the final stages of landing.


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