Ayers Rock Cave Hill Safari

Ayers Rock Cave Hill Safari - Off RoadDeep in the Central Australian desert, in the homeland of the Anangu people, lies Cave Hill. The one day Cave Hill tour is an indigenous cultural experience that will provide visitors with an insight into everyday Aboriginal life.

The tour departs from all hotels at Ayers Rock Resort. Journey by 4WD, relax and enjoy a trip deep into the desert of the Pitjantjatjara Lands of Central Australia. Enroute you will drive past the formidable Mt Conner, the third largest monolith of the Red Centre.

On arrival you will be greeted by an Anangu host. The Anangu are the traditional owners of Cave Hill, which is the site of the Seven Sisters Tjukurpa (creation time), and are responsible for maintaining only that chapter of the Songline lying within the boundaries of their traditional homeland - a story that has been maintained since the beginning of time.

The highlight of the tour is the magnificent cave paintings - possibly the most significant art site in Central Australia. The drama of the Seven Sisters creation story is graphically illustrated on the ceiling of the cave.

Later walk to the top of Cave Hill to admire a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, including Uluru 100kms away and the imposing Musgrave Ranges. You will discuss Tjukurpa and the Songlines and learn their relevance to Anangu life in the desert. You will investigate traditional food gathering and the preparation of desert bush tucker delights.

After lunch head back to Ayers Rock Resort arriving late afternoon.

Yankunytjatjara - The rock art found there, dating back 20,000 years, portrays the Yankunytjatjara version of the story of the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, the Dreaming myth found throughout Aboriginal culture, with each tribal group telling and retelling their version down through the generations. The remarkable thing about these myths is that they appear in countless other cultures, from ancient Greece to India, China, Japan, and North America as well - anywhere, it seems, where people gaze in wonder at the stars.

The Yankunytjatjara tale charts the movement of the Sisters from the Western Australian desert into South Australia as they are pursued across the sky. The art at Cave Hill portraying their adventures is known to be one of the most spectacular in the region.

Tour Includes

• 7-8 hour fully guided 4WD tour
• Anangu Guide
• Permits and entry fees to Aboriginal Lands
• Morning tea and picnic lunch
• Return transfers from Ayers Rock Resort


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