1965 Mustang Convertible Car Hire

1965 Mustang Convertible Car Hire - Car Hire“Windsor” is a classic 1965 Mustang. Absolutely original and in pristine condition. We have been hoping to list a 65 Mustang for a long time and almost more important is that it is a red 65 Mustang!

More like RED! Windsor looks even better in the flesh and gets noticed everywhere she goes. Ideal for any classic Mustang fan. Perfect for a weekend away in the country, weddings, formals or just the gift of a lifetime. In fact, she’s perfect for any event where you want to arrive in style!

So hop into the drivers seat. Lower the roof, stretch out in the comfortable seat, drape your arm over you partner and cruise out into the sunset with the soundtrack of a V8 Mustang at your fingertips.

Absolute bliss.


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