Bungle Bungle 4WD Full Day Tour

Bungle Bungle 4WD Full Day Tour - Bushwalking, Nature & WildlifeIf you love the outdoors and adventure you will love our Bungle Bungle 4WD Full Day Tour. On this Bungle Bungle Tour you will enjoy an early morning drive through Mabel Downs Station into Purnululu National Park where you will visit Cathedral Gorge and Echidna Chasm.

Starting at 6:30am, sit back and enjoy the early morning drive through Mabel Downs Station, learning about the Kimberley cattle industry, history of the Kimberley and maybe spot some of our Brahman cattle. After traversing ancient geological formations, ridge lines and several water crossings, we’ll cross into the National Park.

Once in the Purnululu National Park, you will begin learning about the history of the park, the unique geology, the rich indigenous history and the plants and wildlife.

Following a visit to the park center, we travel south alongside the Bungle Bungle Range. There will be ample opportunity to enjoy several stunning walks among the Beehive Domes and Gorges. These walks can be enjoyed in the company of your guide. Ensure you allow plenty of relaxation time at the end of Cathedral Gorge to soak up the very special (some say spiritual) atmosphere. The walk is a 2 km return walk with short steep slopes and narrow ledges.

After lunch you will travel to the north end of the park and enjoy a relaxing walk into the amazing Echidna Chasm among hundreds of Livistonia Palms lining the Chasm and clinging the sheer sides of the cliffs. At times you are able to reach out and touch both sides of the Chasm! 2km return walk - steep and uneven at times.

The afternoon trip back to the caravan park is time to relax quietly and reflect on your amazing experiences amongst the astonishing landscape.

Arriving back at the Bungle Bungle Caravan Park between 5:30 and 6:00pm, you still have time to relax with a “coldie” around the campfire with your fellow travellers before a delicious buffet dinner. You have earned it!

The tour includes lunch and dinner.

• Mabel Downs Station
• Purnululu National Park
• Bungle Bungle Range
• Cathedral Gorge
• Echidna Chasm
• Lunch
• Buffet Dinner

NOTE: Tour times/itinerary may vary.


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