Dive the ex-HMAS Brisbane

Dive the ex-HMAS Brisbane - Scuba Diving & SnorkellingThe the ex-HMAS Brisbane, an ex Australian Navy destroyer that was sunk off Mooloolaba on 31 July, 2005 has become an amazing diving experience! During this experience you will be able to take in the wonders of ocean life as you swim with the fishes. Come and join us as we explore the ex-HMAS Brisbane and its ruins.

The ex-HMAS Brisbane lies at a depth of 27 metres, approx 5 Nautical Miles from the mouth of the Mooloolaba Boat Harbour. A Conservation Park managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service has been declared for the new artificial reef and the area surrounding the sunken ship.

At a length of 133 metres she is easily the largest of the known diveable wrecks in the whole state and as a dive site she literally offers something for everyone.

The entire surface of the ship is covered with oysters and barnacles providing microhabitats for numerous small mobile animals such as rock lobsters, banded coral shrimps, crabs, sea urchins, feather stars, starfish and small fish.

The vertical sides of the ship are covered with bright red and yellow encrusting sponges, as well as striking orange and white lace corals. Inside the ship divers observe small barnacles, sea squirts, fan worms and several species of sea firm.

Scientists from the Queensland Museum have so far recorded one hundred and fifty species of fish, as well as, fifteen species of sponges, four species of sea fir, six species of crustacean, thirteen species of sea squirts, nine species of lace corals, and several other animals such as the black feather star, sea urchins, and several species of mollusks.

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