14,000ft Tandem Skydive over Rockingham

14,000ft Tandem Skydive over Rockingham - Sky DivingThis tandem skydiving experience from 14,000 feet is the opportunity of a lifetime to be extreme and experience the ultimate adrenalin rush of approximately 60 seconds of freefall time and only 100 kilometres from Perth!

Tandem Skydiving is the fastest and easiest way to experience the excitement of freefall skydiving, life's ultimate thrill. Attached to a Tandem Jump Master you will encounter the awesome sensation of Freefall Skydiving without the intensive training, or responsibility of opening your own parachute.

Before boarding the plane you will be dressed in a jump suit and receive a simple ground briefing, which includes a few ”˜dirt dives' (a practice exit from a mock-up plane) and an overview of canopy control and landing procedures.

You then climb into the plane, take-off and begin the twenty-minute climb to a altitude of 14,000 feet. When you reach this point, a final systems check is carried out. You have now reached the point of no return. The only way down is to jump! Nothing can prepare you for the sensation of stepping into 14,000 feet of emptiness.

As the adrenalin rush commences, the feeling is much like floating on a cushion of air for 60 seconds as you travel at over 200 kph in freefall. The wind rushes into your face and the heart is racing. If you are having your jump videoed, a cameraman will appear as if from no where, and station himself in front of you to capture the excitement forever.

At about 5,000 feet the parachute is deployed. The silence is amazing, the view sensational and during the 5-minute descent you will be taught how to fly the parachute to a gentle landing.

Skydiving is one of life's greatest experiences. The feeling is indescribable, and the buzz lasts for weeks. If you are thinking about jumping once, or just having a taste of skydiving, a tandem skydive is the way to go!


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