Joy rides

Where could I go to get a joy ride in a plane. Im looking for a adrenlin rush, something extreme.

A stunt Plane would be ideal. Please let me know if you know of anywhere in QLD.

Posted By Justin on Monday 10th March 2008 @ 16:39:48

Updated : Monday 25th August 2008 @ 09:01:48 | Words : 37 | Views : 1804 | Comments : 2




A great flight for you to consider is the Combat Warbird Flight - YAK52. This is an extreme flight which will get your adrenaline pumping. I have included a link which will give you info on the above flight.


Posted By Shane on Monday 25th August 2008 @ 09:01:48


Well i know the goldcoast has some great airbourne thrills. There is the sea plane, tiger moth and my favourite the YAK52 Combat Warbird!

The war bird is a serious adrenlin rush. You seriously dont have time to take a breath. Check it out, i went on it last year and dont think ill ever forget it.

Posted By Erin L on Wednesday 12th March 2008 @ 17:15:07

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