Looking for Buddies to See Uluru


Good morning! Well, at least here in America!

My name is Morgan! I have been dreaming of seeing Australia since I was just a kid, and now the time has finally come! I am meeting up with friends that I've had since I was 12, when we used to write Lord of the Rings fan ficton together on MSN forums. I do stand up comedy as a side gig, enjoy indie and folk and rock music, am non religious, love good wine and beer, and good conversation. Wow does this sound like a personals ad or what?

I arrive in Sydney on Tuesday, January 16. I plan on spending time in Sydney, the Blue Mountains, taking a trip to Cairns, and hopefully seeing Uluru.

But goodness, traveling to Uluru alone seems pretty daunting (and expensive). Same with Cairns.

It's likely that without finding some travel friends to split costs, I will not be able to see both the reef and Uluru, which is heartbreaking for me.

Anyone interested in taking a few day drive to Uluru with me and splitting costs? Or to Cairns? Or anywhere, really. I am fairly open minded and relaxed with my travel schedule.


I fly out to return to the US on February 8.


Please let me know! I am in the planning stages of my itinerary, and also considering selling extra limbs for money!

Posted By morganleegray on 4th October 2017

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Hi Morgan

Im Bill and I posted a comment earlier.

Just want to add that16 January might seam a way off for you but here on the ground we have to contend with end of year stuff and  Xmas ramp up and wind down issues and all of that too. time will pass quick

Time will go quick from now and given the nature of your trip, I feel planning is the key for best possible outcome for your visit. I know, I travel all the time across this endless land and I can tell you, plan and plan ahead.

I dont know where you are with all that planning but to be fair to me at least, and to all the other lovely people contacting you here, can you msg me and either engage or release me to take on some other options for January. As it so happens I have 6 weeks free from Mid January.

I know this country, more or less backwards, as I travel a lot. Ive got an amazingly well set up and serious 4WD camper and we can go everywhere at anytime. Totally selfsufficient and "off grid". I tend to chase the sunset horizon and empty spaces. Dont like the city much (even though I love Melb) and prefer the real Australia out in the back country. Its an amazing landscape, but you have to make the effort to find it. Its not in the cities or the tourist routes.

I dont know if you've noticed but your obviouds good looks have  attracted the most responses of any post Ive ever seen here. Who said looks dont open doors? Respect is the key, and that means from you to us a well.

All the best


Posted By cruiseroffrd on Tuesday 28th November 2017 @ 14:00:36


Hi Morgan. I have a fully decked out troopy and keen to use it. Have no one to travel with and no real plans where to go so I'll put it out there if you want I'll take you where ever you want to go👋 My name is kieren i am 39 and just retired and am eager to do some travelling so if this suits let me know cheers.

EMAIL : kieren.cam@gmail.com

Posted By Kieren on Thursday 23rd November 2017 @ 06:11:56


Hello I’m travelling from England alone to go and family in Sydney and I’ve booked a trip to go to Uluru on the 23rd November. Your more than welcome to join me . Can send u deltail if u want

EMAIL : abbeyfriar@hotmail.co.uk

Posted By Andreas on Tuesday 7th November 2017 @ 22:11:51


Hi I'm about to start a trip around Australia i will be working my way round.
I have my own mobile home fully self set out I'm looking for a female to travel with.

EMAIL : 5250rc@gmail.com

PHONE : 043769583

Posted By Rick on Thursday 2nd November 2017 @ 08:09:06


Hi Morgan,
I am male in my early 40s, I live in gold coast. I am an ex photojournalist. I have a 4WD with full camping equipment, so you dont need to bring anything. I have done this trip before, I have traveled all around Australia. I'll be doing a lot of photography. if you are interested I can teach you some tricks. I'liked your idea and keen to get on the road again. I know would be a lot of fun :)


EMAIL : makulufreda@gmail.com

PHONE : +61411695180

Posted By Peyman on Friday 20th October 2017 @ 00:39:28


Hi Morgan
I'm Bill from Melb
Please don't make final plans till you've chatted to me. I have an amazing 4WD camper that's ideal for your trip and I'll make it available to you.

EMAIL : cruiseroffrd@gmail.com

PHONE : 0417566629

Posted By Bill on Thursday 19th October 2017 @ 18:06:35


Hi Morgan

Just to clarify , I’m a male from the Uk but I’m not into partying and I don’t actually drink alcohol at all 😁 I sound quite boring 😂
But I do love surfing and outdoor pursuits .
I’ve been to oz twice before but never made it to Ulus but third time is the charm 😁 I’m looking at buying a van or car to get me from Sydney all the way up and back again.

Looking for a travel buddy or two to help with costs and to have a little company.

If you’d like to know more feel free to get in touch .

EMAIL : m_occhilupo@hotmail.com

PHONE : ‭‭+44 7375 638520‬‬

Posted By Marc on Sunday 15th October 2017 @ 22:16:07


Hi Morgan are your travel dates firm it would you be able to lengthen your stay?

EMAIL : hendo_xx@yahoo.com.au

PHONE : 0477806872

Posted By Robert on Friday 13th October 2017 @ 07:13:03


Looking for a female travel buddy .. Why?? Because every trip I take with the lads turns out like a bachelor's party and at the end of it I have always said we could of done this where we live. So I am looking for someone that actually wants to enjoy what the different places have to explore and offer .. smell the roses not just the beer.

EMAIL : nevconstruct1000@gmail.com

Posted By Leigh on Thursday 5th October 2017 @ 13:42:33


Heya Morgan! just saw your travel buddy ad..

Im based in Melbourne, im an indie film maker and love camping, driving out and exploring new places.. If you decide to come down to Melbourne, maybe we could buddy up and go down to Great Ocean Road, beautiful place to camp or just drive by, summers round the corner so basically heaps of beautiful waterfalls..Hope you do include Melbourne on your itinerary.. Im fully equipped with gears and have my own car which is extremely low on fuel :)

Hope to hear from ya soon



EMAIL : kovkav@hotmail.com

PHONE : 0401265254

Posted By Shahmir on Thursday 5th October 2017 @ 10:00:39


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