Outback road trip

Hi, I'm a 64 year old male and planning a road trip from Gippsland, Victoria through outback NSW, central Australia and on to Darwin. All over a four to five week period in October 2020, if boarders are open. 

I'm planning to do a lot of gold detecting in remote locations and would like a travel companion, male or female, who can tag along in their own 4x4 or accompany me in mine and share the fuel & food costs. 

You will have to bring your own camping and detecting gear. We will be traveling through remote areas and there won’t be much in the way of comforts. You should be fit and able to tolerate isolation for most of the trip.


Posted By DavidM on 21st June 2020

Updated : 21st June 2020 | Words : 123 | Views : 150

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