Travel and search for gold in Australia/

Hi. My name is Denis, I am 38 years old, I am from Russia. I am planning a trip to Australia in the coming months. As well as you I am interested to see the country, traveling in my free time. I want to buy a car and equipment in Perth to be able to search for gold with a metal detector in Western Australia, earning a living and adventure travel. I plan to live in a camping, cook on a fire, and getting out to the ocean, swim, sunbathe and ride a kite surfing. I do not have a companion, my friends and acquaintances from Russia are not decisive and have other vital interests. I do not speak English well but it does not scare me, any language is learning to communicate, and the first time we will help offline translator. I'm looking for a friend, a companion to implement their plans on the trip. Write in PM to be able to exchange email.

Posted By Denys on 4th November 2018

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Hello my dear friends. I would like to congratulate you on the upcoming new year holiday, family holiday, good and new hopes. May all your wishes come true. Be happy in the new year.

Posted By Denys on Monday 31st December 2018 @ 23:53:07


Australians are the most open and hospitable people, ready to lend a helping hand in any situation. Terence, I admire your attitude, I'm very pleased. I feel like I'll love Australians and this great country forever. Life is our highway 1 and to live it fully, not sparing about what did not happen but could have to always be in motion and to follow forward as you Terence. We must meet, I admire people like you.

Posted By Denys on Tuesday 25th December 2018 @ 19:38:07


Denis , I will do what I can to assist/advise you when I can . I am always on the move following the Highway No.1 .. Denis stay in touch !

Posted By TERENCE on Friday 21st December 2018 @ 10:55:01


Hello David. You're Australian? Leave me your email so we can communicate with you freely.

Posted By Denys on Thursday 20th December 2018 @ 05:52:19


Hi I might be intrested

Posted By David on Sunday 16th December 2018 @ 10:05:37


Hello, Terence. I am very pleased with your answer. In a month, you're the first person to respond to my ad. At the moment I am in Russia, Moscow and waiting for the consideration of my documents for a visa. Here in Russia, I found another guy who shares my plans and wants to go with me. I want to keep in touch with you and in the near future I hope we can meet in life to be able to hunt for gold together. With great respect to you. Denis.

Posted By Denys on Friday 7th December 2018 @ 19:59:40


Hi Denis/Tenence,

I'm Noel from Melbourne and at some point i am planning to head over to WA and search for gold 2019. Looking for a gold prospecting buddy (male or female) preferably for a long duration in 2019, if not the whole year. Roughly looking to head over around March, April or May. Looking at splitting costs and sharing information between now and then to plan this trip. Ideally someone with a 4WD would work perfectly as that is the missing link to date in my plan, along with some experience people also would be nice.

Look forward in hearing back from you or anyone that may be interested in 2019. 


Posted By Noel Smith on Thursday 6th December 2018 @ 16:27:25


G'day Denis . I am TERENCE . I know a little about Kalgoorie as I live in W A & been there several times .. I myself are chasing OPALS .. I will tell you more when we make contact .. Where are you located now & how long is your VISA for in AUSTRALIA. I'm looking for someone to go around this great country .. By the way is that you SAILING BOAT ? I once had a small one >

Posted By Terence on Thursday 22nd November 2018 @ 20:20:59


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