A day out fishing!

On one early moring my wife and i went fishing in our tinny. As we where leaving our camp site we had no idea on what the day would turn out. Know i had series 3 Landrover Deisel and on the back was a 14 foot v-hule tinny 15hp motor so we were pretty well set 4wd and creek fishing. As we turned up to the public ramp i started to set up the tinny then i reversered the boat down the ramp, as i put the hand-brake on the cable broke. So i ask wife (T) to get into the drivers side and put her foot on the brake while i find a rock. As she went to hope in i ask her has she got her foot on the brake (at this stage i'm out of the 4b and holding the brake down) she said "yes i have". Without myself thinking our let-alone looking i let go of brake and the 4b starting going down the ramp and in the water. I moved T out of the road and i jumped into the 4b and slammed on the brake. By this time the boat floating (still attached to trailer) and i'm sitting in water up to my chest . Luckly for a deisel engine i drove out of the water tried the procedure again (which worked) unhiched the boat and we were away. 15 minutes into journy i ask T were is the fishing knife reply "back at camp didn't you get it". So i turned the boat around pulled back into the ramp drove to the site got the knife and headed back. 5 minutes later after leaving the site flat tyre . Changed tyre got back to the ramp and T asked what took me so long (i had no reply at this stage for her). Up the creek we went doing around 5 knotes (rissing tide) i ask T if she could sit up the bow and check for some submersable rocks as i knew there would be. As i went around a corner T was over the bow looking then BANG! the bow went straight up and the wife went straight over, After collecting my emotions together i asked if T would like a hand to get back in (Reply not good). What we hit has two submersed coffee rocks side by side, in all fairness to T i had a hard time seeing the rocks as we were stuck thier. Anyway the fishing trip went on.
We caught some flathead and brim by this time it's high tide, so we decided to head back. got back to the ramp with no problems put the boat on and started our trip back to camp. The day hadn't finished with us yet. I got the fire going and proceeded to get the coals going thats was fine, then i put the cast iron pan on the rack above the coals thats was fine as well, then after crumbing the fish for tea 8 fillets i started putting them in the pan 1 by 1. I got to the last fillet and as i had just placed it into the pan i turned away i heard a horrible crack sound followed by alot hissing noise. I turned to ask T "did the pan just break and the fish are now in the fire", Well the look on my wife's face just said it all. So i done the only thing a man could do in that sort of situation. Ask T to grab the wallet and i siad to her "If we hurry we should be able make happy hour at the pub" which was 45 minutes away. I thought that after that sort of day's fishing i thought T and I desever a counter meal and some drinks.

Posted By Kev on 10th May 2004

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Oh yes as i'm not registered here yet my e-mail is cogen@bigpond.net.au

Posted By Kev on Monday 10th May 2004 @ 22:04:00


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