A Very Expensive Way Killing a Huntsman Spider

I am from Germany and I was spending a year in Australia in 1999/2000.

Until then I newer knew hat big spiders like that exist on our planet.

On the third day I was alone on the farm and I got into contact with a Huntsman.

I was told before not to squash them with my shoes..

..but what else could I do??

I was standing there, thinking and while I was turning around I noticed something that was becoming one of my best friends during my stay in australia

- My Vacuum Cleaner !!
(the australian ones are definetly more powerful than the german ones!!)

It got the Huntsman.

Then I remembered somebody saying that spiders could find their way back out.

"NOT YOU" I was thinking.

So I got the Flykilling Spray and sprayed it into the vacuum cleaner (that was still working in that moment)

The next Moment...

... the vacuum cleaner exploded!!!!


finally the Huntsman was dead!!!!

..the vacuum cleaner had to be replaced by a new one!!


Never ever leave a german girl allone on a farm!!!


Posted By Sabine on 17th March 2007

Updated : 5th February 2010 | Words : 185 | Views : 7572 | Comments : 16

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Holy ####, you are retarded.

Posted By Not as dumb as you on Friday 5th February 2010 @ 18:00:28


Ha ha. I'm glad you're vacuum exploded. What did the spider do to you to deserve that? Huntsman are harmless.

EMAIL : iknowmyfirstnameisnicky@hotmail.com

Posted By Nicky on Sunday 3rd January 2010 @ 17:26:13


You people are horrible...

Why would you kill an innocent spider? They're just trying to live like anyone else, and to suck one into a vacuum cleaner and then poison it with spray? That's just downright disgusting. You should be ashamed.

If you ever find a spider, just scare it into a container and put it outside. If you're afraid of having it come back just put it far away enough so it won't find it's way home.

I don't think any of you would enjoy being killed once having found a comfortable home... so please don't kill the spiders!

EMAIL : pitchblack999@hotmail.com

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Posted By Alex on Saturday 21st November 2009 @ 00:22:16


i just killed the 4th huntsman spider to make my car its home this summer! I hate those stupid sprider - they give me the creeps! Now i have to start parking my car in different places to avoid another from climbing aboard!

My tactic is to cover all car door rims with surface spray - slightly toxic for me and my fellow occupants - but then if I was to have one crawl on me while I was driving it may prove lethal for me, my fellow occupants, and other innocent motorists sharing the road with me - CRASH!!!!

EMAIL : termitedidge@yahoo.com.au

PHONE : 0428100536

Posted By Termite Didge on Wednesday 21st January 2009 @ 16:22:20


I will keep that in mind!!! ;-)

Wishing everyone a wonderfull 2008!!

Greetings from Germany!!!!


EMAIL : 2001-sabine@gmx.de

Posted By Sabine on Monday 31st December 2007 @ 02:58:43


I just got in from killing a wolf spider in the kids cubby house and I read this story. Had me chuckling. I tried to use my slipper but it wouldn't fit in the crack it ran too so I got a stick. Much cheaper than a vcleaner.

Posted By Outbackjack on Thursday 15th November 2007 @ 16:53:55


A wicked story hahaha, did you have to pay for the vaccuum?

Posted By michael on Thursday 28th June 2007 @ 02:42:03


Yes, send me all the huntsman pics you have got!!

I think I miss them a bit!!! ;-)

No we have nothing that size here in Germany (Thank good!!) :-)

You`d better write some "warnings" in the tourist guide books!!!

I just a look up at a german homepage asking if spiders survive in a vacuum cleaner and the answer is: "yes, they will survive"!!!


sent me some more pics to my e-mail adress

I am sure - some of my friends will "love" these pics!! ;-)

EMAIL : 2001-sabine@gmx.de

Posted By Sabine on Wednesday 13th June 2007 @ 05:38:43


hi i am holly maybe you could send me some huntsman pics and please email me then we might be friends on the computer

Posted By holly on Thursday 31st May 2007 @ 17:17:14


that is some funny funny story...

we used to use badminton rackets and exit mold to kill them...

"the way of the hunti"

Posted By jeremy on Thursday 17th May 2007 @ 14:15:57


I loved this story. It reminded me of an uncle of mine who was an old "bushie". Every time he saw a spider, any kind of spider!, he would pick it up and swallow it. It was some kind of sick party trick of his. His favourite spider to swallow was the huntsman.

Posted By Caro on Thursday 10th May 2007 @ 11:50:45


Love that story!!

You can e-mail me in case you want some "nice" huntsman pics !!! ;-)

...only if you "miss" them!!

Posted By Harry on Tuesday 10th April 2007 @ 06:05:47


What a story!!

I am still laughing.

What about your spiders in Germany??

You don`t have any that size???


..I can send you one if you miss them!!


Posted By Bryan on Monday 2nd April 2007 @ 16:10:58


Thanks for reading and your response!!

I wonder why there are no "Huntsman Warnings" mentioned in any tourist guides!!

Would help a lot!!!


Posted By Sabine on Thursday 22nd March 2007 @ 09:20:17


I had a giggle too!!

Those Spiders must be pur horror for someone from overseas!! :-)

Even we Aussie-Girls do not like them!!


Posted By Anne McGraw on Wednesday 21st March 2007 @ 21:06:56


One off the funniest stories i have ever heard ;-) I could realy see this explosion bammmmm!
I wish you more luck for your next trip to australia. And please tell us more of this stories!

Posted By Der aus Tralien on Wednesday 21st March 2007 @ 04:03:31


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