Do me laundry

While we were backpacking and staying in Cairns, my friend decided to do our laundry. I asked him if he wanted a beer while he was doing it. He said yes so I set out to find some. Bob, my friend is very maticulous about everything. He is a real neat freak!
Anyway down the street I go. It was about 9:00 PM on Sunday. I went into this bar where they were having Karioki singing. I asked the bartender to give me a six pack to go. He said he couldn't do that because it was Sunday. He said there were no bottle stores open then. Well I decided to sit for a bit and have a beer or two. About two hours later I head back to our lodging. Bob is still in the laundry room. He is ironing our underware!!! Sweat just pouring from his forhead. He looks up and sees I don't have any beer. I explained what the rules were for Sunday. He says where's my money for the beer. He was really mad when I told him about the bar where I spent it.

Posted By treetopflyer on 29th January 2005

Updated : 21st December 2008 | Words : 190 | Views : 2000

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