Great Ocean Road - Great Trouble For The Traveller

Travelling along the great ocean road you think would be pretty easy - but there are so many interesting places to stop at on the way to the destination of choice that you kind of get way-laid into turning right, left, and then zigzaging across streets you never know were around!

You've heard of the stories that the road is bound to steer your car into trouble - however no one mentioned that it would steer you into getting lost while trying to travel straight along the great ocean road!

It's like a forest of amazing turn off's which have amazing views of every kind of natural wonder. By it's end you are in the midst of nowhere and sporting a low pertol tank, with a map which dosen't seem to be able to point in the direction you need in order to get back on track.

How embarassing when you have you phone up every help organization you can find in order to get some help to steer you in the right direction - even if it means airing out your very own tyre until it has run down flat so your local RASCV can come to the rescue!

Posted By Monica on 28th October 2009

Updated : 28th October 2009 | Words : 200 | Views : 14548

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