Holiday to Woop Woop

My family had jus finished watching a movie about a small town in outback australia (what they call woop woop). We had plans to stay at a small town for 3 nights that following weekend (as we travel over to a skiing lake not far from the town)
Anyway, after making jokes all the way to the town and quoting from the movie, we realised we had jynxed ourselves!
Upon arriving we were greeted by approximatly 20 cats running around our feet. After being led to a dingy little caravan by a guy who's coffee mug was black except for the mouth mark where he drank, we were happy to settle in and have a cuppa ourselves.
mum turned the kettle on and next minute it was making strange noises. The water in it was still cold so dad approached the care taker and he swapped the jug with one from the caravan next door. Atlast we settled down before unpacking but strangely enough, something else was up! We could smell something strange so hopping up on to the top bunk (my bed for the 3 nights), i followed my nose to a clump of mold growing on the ceiling. there were patches everywhere! mum was about to walk out and never return but we convinced her that we were only to sleep there so we could stick it out for atleast a night. We started to unpack and in the whole 10 minutes that we were sitting, a middle sized lizard decided to make a home in one of our bags. Of course, you would have heard the screem from a mile away when it jumped out at mum and landed in her hair. Hoping things couldnt get any worse, we decided to have a shower and take ourselves into town to find something for dinner. After the freezing cold shower, we had the only good thing of the holiday, a lovely dinner! Upon returning to our caravan we were once again greeted by the many feral cats and trying to make our way into the caravan, the door fell off! well then we had had enough so it being late we slept uncomfortably all night and approached the park owners the next day so see if we could get a refund. Surprisingly, we only had to pay for one night but instead of rushing off, we were 'excited' to stay and listen to a story which had happened only weeks before about the park being broken into and both owners being bashed in their sleep.
We laugh at it now, especially when I had to do a talk at school labelled 'my worst holiday experience' and i cracked the whole class up as well as got the top mark!
im glad our holidays have been great ever since....touch wood!!!

Posted By Kimberley on 12th February 2004

Updated : 12th February 2004 | Words : 471 | Views : 8004

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