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Are there any Pop-culture travellers out there?!

Hi, My name is Valerie and I am a PhD student. I am a great travel enthusiast, former travel expert (6 years of experience) and a huge pop-culture fan. My research team and I have this idea of making a study on pop-culture tourism in Australia. We are currently conducting ...

Posted By 21stCenturyWanderer on 7th May 2017

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Expression of interest for research project

Hi everyone, I am a PhD researcher based in Melbourne exploring the influence of social media on destination choice. I am looking for individuals who are interested to meet face to face in Melbourne to discuss a recent destination choice decision that has been made in the last ...

Posted By metha9009 on 28th May 2013

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3 Gay Men, 2 Heterosexuals, an axe, and some cooking oil

When told in full this story is a corker, its definitely one that will grace Chris Chicks travelling memoirs in the future. For this board i will share the short version. Chicko & Chewey are our characters, Chicko an Englishman with far too much bravado for his wimpy frame, ...

Posted By Chris Chick on 30th December 2011

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Lost Passports in LA

I was Travelling to LA with my folks and we booked a motel room in LA to get some rest for our connecting flight the next day. All leading up to this trip I was having alot of issues renewing my passport so when it finally came 7 months after I applied for it... I guarded it ...

Posted By Carolynn Carpenter on 4th October 2011

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Busting for the loo

I was on the plane from Hobart to Sydney and absolutely dying for the loo, as I'd had drinks with my girlfriend before leaving at Hobart Airport. As I got up to make my way to the bathroom, the stewardess told me to sit down again as we were still taking off. When the green light ...

Posted By Sandy on 15th June 2011

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Livin On The Road

We've started a blog about our travels. We've been on the road for over a year now with four kids. We'll be travelling for a while yet, so we thought we'd set up a blog to share our trip.

Posted By Amy on 9th February 2011

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Kilcowera Station on the Dowling Track

QLD & NSW Border Fence near Hungerford

2010 was a great year for the Outback of Queensland and Kilcowera Station looks fantastic. Gone is the endless vista of red dirt and half dead mulga trees, to be replaced by lush grass, thousands of kangaroos, millions of birds, brimming full waterholes and fabulous campsites. Why ...

Posted By Toni on 19th January 2011

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water leaking down the annex poles via the eyelets?? Any ideas to prevent this.

We have just bought our first caravan and have just had our maiden trip . Bad weather cut our trip short . We had a leaking annex with water running down the annex poles via the annex eyelets. Any ideas to prevent this?

Posted By giggo69 on 12th January 2011

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Funny Story in the Snowy Mountains

We were holidaying in the snowy mountains and my elderly dad went to see if he could buy some dinner he seen a queue that appeared to be one for food and joined it as the queue progressed all the women started to get a little nervous finally one of them got the nerve to tell ...

Posted By helenae on 13th December 2010

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The big fall of 2005

My family and I went to Greece together one year. First stop Athens. One night we were walking around the stone paved streets trying to find a restaurant to have dinner at. As we were passing the rows of restaurants I slipped and fell right on my butt. My legs were in the air ...

Posted By Laura on 29th October 2010

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crazy encounter

I was travelling from brisbane up to harvey bay. For those of you who dont know its about a 4-5 hour trip with many 110km/hour zones throughout. We were on the second half of our trip - i was driving in the farthest "fast" lane when a yellow ute came up behind us so fast he ...

Posted By dominic visser on 31st August 2010

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ok well when I was travelling in China we were doing a tour. Now i'm from Australia and swearing is known. The tour guide met us as we were driving to the hotel; my mum was chatting with him. He told us his name but he then said his chinese name was fu that's f u! We didn't say ...

Posted By Connie on 24th August 2010

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Flashing in Central Austrlia

Hope theyre clean.

After a day of climbing aropund the Devils Marbles in the Northern Territory my kids and I settled down to watch the sunset. It was a gorgeous night and there were plenty of other tourists around. When we climbed down from our viewing spot we realized that my daughter had ripped ...

Posted By Rachel Thomas on 14th August 2010

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Ben and National Geographic film 'Best Job in the World'

Hi Ya'll! I have to say that this is my first play nice! I spent nearly 2 years in Melbourne and Broome completing a Masters of Tourism program at Monash University. I have to say that Australia and the red soil are now part of me forever. I never made it to the ...

Posted By Goneabroad on 5th July 2010

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A Prison Farm

Statue in New Zealand

We were on a short break and got lost when we were looking for a tourist attraction. We drove into this nice looking place that had a dam, a couple of houses and some nice wide open space. We asked the first person we met and he said that we had actually driven into a prison ...

Posted By Phillip Cunningham on 14th June 2010

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Bye bye boatie

My sister and I were on holiday in Greece. We decided to take the 3 island day tour from Athens. On the first island we wandered around sight seeing, enjoying ourselves, taking photos left right and centre. As we were walking back towards the dock, my sister pointed and said, ...

Posted By Magda on 12th June 2010

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Nude man falls through roof!

After a long and incredibly bumpy bus ride all the way from the Thai border to the bustling town of Siam Reap in Cambodia my travelling companions and I were ready to collapse into bed... ...early the next morning we woke to a loud cracking sound and looked up to find a large ...

Posted By Kel on 2nd June 2010

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The Loooooong Northern Drive

My partner and I "thought it would be nice" to drive from Byron Bay to Airlie Beach on our Christmas break, it was terribly hot and long. It was so hot we were driving from one petrol station to the other buying ice to put on our skin and cold drinks.We were driving up in my ...

Posted By Sally Maxwell on 30th May 2010

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My Children

At the time I had 10 children and pregant with number 11 we had just arrived Into Sydney all tired but wanting to catch a show. The kids kept on asking if i would takem em to the movies so I gave in when the show finished it was about 1 oclock in the arvo. I thought i done a ...

Posted By susan knight on 29th April 2010

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My Sydney Travel Blog

Here is a link to my travel blog. I am studying in Sydney from the United states. This blog has all my stories and interesting events in it.

Posted By Chandler on 29th March 2010

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Wow - Northland NZ

I've just been over to New Zealand and went for a quick squizz around Northland - bloody ripper! Check out my video logs on You Tube for some amazing places, scenery and a few ...

Posted By Bazza on 17th March 2010

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Lake Tinaroo

My partner and I were camping by the banks of Lake Tinaroo in Queensland. We had a little dingy boat and we went out and tried our luck for some redclaw. We placed our traps and came in for the night. The next morning my partner woke me up with a cup of tea and said "come on ...

Posted By Kasey on 5th February 2010

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held up in singapore

I am now 74 years old. Not the youngest. On my travel to Austria last August, I flew with Qantas to Singapore from there on it was to be Lufthansa. As I was not given a boarding pass here in Sydney for the flight from Singapore to Frankfurt,I had to collect such, at the transit ...

Posted By Lotte Williams on 3rd February 2010

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trip to new Zealand

Last Year my Husband and I went to NZ.On a 14 day coach tour. It was the first time that we had been out of Australia. so we needed to get passports. We got the things that we needed and sent them away to get them ready. But a week before we were to leave on the trip. the phone ...

Posted By kerry on 6th January 2010

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Holiday USA

OUR AMERICAN HOLIDAY 26. 6. 96. Saturday 4 May It was a long flight from Hong Kong to Seattle. Gloria squirmed all the way, I didn't think I did. Not all the way, only half the way. She doesn't travel well in cattle class. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that she ...

Posted By Glen on 29th December 2009

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A funny walk in Central Asia

riding to the lake

Tian Shan Mountain Range - Cholpon-ata' - Kyrgyzstan - Central Asia - 42km My funny travel story happened when I was in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, I set out together with another 21 yr old girl, mostly unprepared for what the nearby grey bare rocky granite mountains had in ...

Posted By pjan3202 on 13th December 2009

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Japan - The Octopus Story Revisited

About 2 yearsa go, I decided to join a group of school friends for a 1 month tour of Japan followed by a 2 week homestay. The first 2 weeks were incredible - the buildings, the monuments - EVERYTHING. Until one day, my interests came to food. I ventured into the first sushi ...

Posted By Andre Silva on 14th November 2009

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Great Ocean Road - Great Trouble For The Traveller

Travelling along the great ocean road you think would be pretty easy - but there are so many interesting places to stop at on the way to the destination of choice that you kind of get way-laid into turning right, left, and then zigzaging across streets you never know were around! You've ...

Posted By Monica on 28th October 2009

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Famous mix up

so.. who knows the Australian show "Packed to the Rafters?" well for those of you who dont know... its become a very popular drama... a bit like nieghbours and home and away. The show is filmed in sydney, and what a small world it is. i was on a school trip when a few of my friends ...

Posted By Heya on 21st October 2009

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My husband, my daughter and I were driving back from a short holiday back to our home town when my cheeky 3 year old decided she was bored, so to amuse herself she started playing with the window winder, afraid that she would break it I asked her to stop doing it, as 3 year olds ...

Posted By peta berry on 11th October 2009

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Island Hopping - Yeah, more like running

My husband and I were in Hawaii on our honeymoon. We had just concluded a six day stay on the island of Maui and it was now time to "island hop" to the island of O'ahu. We checked in at the Maui airport and was told to stand over near the glass doors where people were already ...

Posted By Katrina Bann on 20th July 2009

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Traveling to Mackay

Jessie Dog

So where on our way to Mackay from the sunny coast on our family road trip. It is bucketing down so hard that we could barely hear ourselves speak. Where driving down this mountain screaming "Screaming 6 white horses" (the song) when we foggily see a petrol station. We all stop ...

Posted By Maxwell on 8th June 2009

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i still wanted that donut that ran away from me.

I was only four years old. and my mum took me to a carnival to get some donuts. They had run out, so i started crying and we went back to the caravan. The next morning i went on my bike and chased the donut van out of the caravan park. Everyone was looking for me and then the ...

Posted By Ashleigh on 16th April 2009

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The Donkey did it

We were on holiday and were driving through an animal park and my sister was eating a cream bun in the car. Suddenly a donkey came up to the car, stuck its head in the open window and grabbed my sister's cream bun and ate it. So the donkey did it.

Posted By Phillip Cunningham on 10th March 2009

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hairy story

I had just arrived in Australia and feeling adventurous I took a stroll to the local shops in Boronia, Victoria where I noticed the local hairdresser was open. I walked up to the girl behind the counter, "how can I help you?' she enquired. "Could you cut my donkey for me' I replied. ...

Posted By elimartin on 6th March 2009

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Travels with kids

We take heaps of weekend trips with our kids. On one particular trip we were heading to Rainbow Beach in QLD. As we approached the toll booth at the Gateway Bridge my hubby asked me, "Manual or Automatic" referring to which booth he should pull into. I had correct change so ...

Posted By Elena on 26th February 2009

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the day i wished i was dead

it was my first day of tafe, i had driving up to an hr to stay at a friends place, so i only had 10mins to tafe to drive. it was the morning and quiet foggy, i noticed that a wheely bin was in front of me so i jumped in the car and reversed, pumped up the music and drove off, ...

Posted By jane legerty on 25th February 2009

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Noosa Gone wrong

Recently over the christmas break i went on a holiday too Noosa, opting for a more scenic route my wife and I decided to drive up. Anyways about halfway there our cars engine literally exploded so we had to fly the rest of the trip and leave our car on the side of the road, (near ...

Posted By mark alexander on 28th January 2009

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Lost in transit

I was driving home to West Australia with my five sons. It had been a long drive all night across the Nullabor to Norseman. We had stopped twice for my eldest son and i to take turns at the wheel, and answer the call of nature while the younger children slept. Upon approaching ...

Posted By Zoe on 24th January 2009

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Hopping Mad

When I was 10 years old our family went on a camping holiday to Kangaroo Island. We got up one morning to find a kangaroo with one of our powdered milk tins on its head hopping around trying desperately to get it off. Some how it had managed to open the tin. We thought it was ...

Posted By Skye Williams on 9th January 2009

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Boat Trip


My children who live in London had organised a trip on a canal boat for when I visited last year. It was a lovely relaxing trip, though the boat was fairly tiny, and we were having fun steering it through miles of canals and many locks. On the second day and surrounded by glorious ...

Posted By Renata Byra on 22nd December 2008

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The 1 that got Chased

One Trip my partner and kids went to the Nullabor, on the way we spotted a wombat, so we pull to the side of the road thought we catch him we'll have him 4 tea, so my boys and partner jump out of the car and slowly and quietly stepped towards the wombat and as they got closer ...

Posted By pamela on 13th November 2008

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The Poison Apple

We were on a bike ride in Germany, when we rode past this house. We stopped for a break in front of the house. Suddenly a lady came out in a g-string and a shirt, and she walked up to us and asked Ethan (10 at the time)if he wanted an apple. He refused. She asked me (8 at the ...

Posted By Abby Moore on 4th November 2008

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Pumped Twice

I was on holidays in Victoria, I was only 18 when I ran into a man while in a lil caffe in Moe with a smile I said sorry and went on my way....That week I couldn't get him off my mind and saw him from across the street a few times smiled and kept walking... I could not forget ...

Posted By Sam on 4th November 2008

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I was on a trip to Salt Lake City , UTAH. I was so amazed by how beautiful it was, I was coming back home from a wedding when i spotted a sign on "walmart" saying "CHIHUAHUA" for sale. I was sitting next to my cousin Johnathan. Johnathan and I were debating earlier on about who ...

Posted By Ruth on 15th October 2008

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Hanging on across Australia in 1968

It was in the good old days, when people would stop & help you if you were stranded. I was travelling with my Dad & Mum & 3 sisters to WA for work, when suddenly our FJ broke down. One of the truckies stopped & asked if he could help us. As my Dad had some knowledge of mechanics ...

Posted By Deneace Beamish on 14th October 2008

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Cowardice turned into Bravery

It was the best day of my miserable life. My family and i were finally going to go to Jamberoo! I couldn't wait. When we got there we went straight to the jumping place. I was waiting in line with my dad. When it was his turn, he looked down but was too scared to jump. ...

Posted By Helena Qian on 21st September 2008

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what the!!!

Several years ago I worked for a special developmental school for children under the age of 15. Each year the staff planned a special getaway for the children, and this particular year we had decided to go down to Melbourne and visit the zoo. Now this story revolves around ...

Posted By Kate Batty on 28th August 2008

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Two In One

While arriving in sydney after a grueling nine long hours on the train it was dark so there was no time to go sight seeing so my dad called a taxi and soon we all piled in. We drove around for about 2 minutes and I started feeling queezy and before long I was making moaning ...

Posted By karla on 26th August 2008

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Happily cruising down the middle lane of a motorway with either indicator flashing, but going nowhere. Happily cruising down the middle lane of a motorway even when the road is almost entirely empty. Picking your nose and believing that no-one can see you. Not realising that ...

Posted By stacey-lee on 31st July 2008

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To pee or not to pee...

To pee or not to pee... Whilst on holiday in Vietnam, I badly needed to make use of their public toilets. However, as I opened the door I saw a flat concrete floor with a tiny hole in the far back corner? There was also an opening against the wall with water inside and it stretched ...

Posted By Scarlett on 22nd July 2008

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diarrhoea in turkey

As if having the runs isn't bad enough at home, let me set a grimmer picture. Me alone, in a flaky hostel in Istanbul, chained to my drop toilet and praying for the next installment of loo paper. Not good. Five days into my turmoil I couldn't face it any more and ran out desperately ...

Posted By Anne Dyson on 12th July 2008

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I said no...but she did it anyway!

I was traveling around France with my mom and two brothers and sister. My dad had some work in France, so we traveled while he stayed at work. Now my moms a bit crazy, and does stupid things at times. This was one of those times... ...where her young kids even knew it was a ...

Posted By Chrissy on 2nd July 2008

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That Night...

One Night I went to bed really Scared, because the possoms were a wall away from me making scratching noises, and thumping against the wall, I was up just thinking about things for 10 minutes until my brother jumped out of the curtain and screamed "BOO!" I was petrified!! There ...

Posted By Anya on 8th June 2008

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He had a good nights sleep

We were holidaying with my sister and her family and her husband John and I were enjoying a nice glass of Scotch and Coke each. My son unknown to us picked up John's glass and drank it without us noticing. Marcus slept really soundly that night.

Posted By Phillip Cunningham on 4th June 2008

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Ireland in a truck

It was the year 1984. I had a twofold excuse to adventure overseas as I'd just finished University and my brother was getting married in Ireland. After jigging, singing and drinking all night at the ceremony, the following day I continued my traveling plans and hitchhiked around ...

Posted By Liz on 23rd May 2008

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Too early in the day

I'd arrived in Korea the night before. Had been met at the airport by my new employer who drove us to the town I'd be living and working in and dropped my off at my new apartment with a 'see you on Monday'. No food, no language skills, no idea where to go for food, not sure ...

Posted By jen on 3rd May 2008

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Kerrin Koight

Last September my girlfriend Kerrin offered to take my two girls to Landcruiser Park along with her husband and two girls. On a day trip she decided to educate the kids on how to survive in the bush with various forms of bush tucker. Explaining about a cactus that has red flowers ...

Posted By Rita Ellis on 26th March 2008

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Survivor hut fiasco

For a surprise my partner and I decided to take my parents for their first overseas trip to Vanuatu. I was anticipating the surprise and wanting it to go perfectly, so of course something had to go wrong! We went on this beautiful day cruise sailing along past all of Vanuatu's ...

Posted By Kimberly on 17th March 2008

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thought my dad was going insane

Kangaroo with a coller NO WAY! Came back from fishing while my dad was resting at the tent for the day and he said i was feeding and patting a kangarro with a collar. We where totally like your going insane but then later that afternoon a kangaroo with a red collar rocked up... how ...

Posted By michelle on 12th March 2008

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German off-the-beaten track, participatory travel guide planned

"A long journey": German film and online project about Australia Bamberg, Germany – How is anti-snake venom serum gained? Who works for the Royal Flying Doctor Service? And why do some people still live in caves? Questions like these are to be answered by a German media ...

Posted By Diet Simon on 10th March 2008

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Camping Mayhem

We were going camping, and just before we left town, we got some petrol. Just as we left the block, dad had forgotten something so we had to go back. After waiting for dad to find the camping poles, we finally got to the petrol station. My dad didn't have a very good morning ...

Posted By Lachlan Smyth on 5th March 2008

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Our Brush with Australian Customs

"Hey. Look at this. There is an 'Adelaide Prison tour' in this brochure. I think we should take it. Might come in handy." I said to my husband in our Adelaide hotel room. I was leafing through Adelaide sightseeing and deciding on the places to visit, while he lolled on the ...

Posted By Anuprita on 3rd March 2008

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Our first trip overseas, how difficult can it be, after all, we are the Big 5 from Africa, South Africa! People use to tell us that their is always one in the group, while you were traveling that can be called the black sheep, everything that can or will go wrong, happened to ...

Posted By JOANIE BRITZ on 20th February 2008

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Recently my family went to Thailand. We got off the plane and didn't Know where to go. This lady came up to us, she asked us where to get a taxi from.We told here we didn't know. We started to walk, looking for a taxi. I looked back, the lady was following us. We found the taxis ...

Posted By sara on 16th February 2008

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Travel Book - Australia

Hi everyone, I've just finished writing my first travel book about Australia and have dedicated a website to it. If you are a gap year student, it has some great links and useful travel information from first hand experience! Please check it out: A ...

Posted By John on 14th February 2008

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Me and fourteen mates were setting of for a weekend in Blackpool, in Lancashire. On the first night we were walking across the seafront when the lads grabbed me and teared all my clothes off. Then they tied me to a lampost. It was freezing! Passers-by saw everything. I can laugh ...

Posted By ALEX WINSTANLEY on 12th February 2008

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How embarrassing

One day I thought I would go for a trip on the train with my daughter to the city, whilst on there I was busting for the loo and so I went, mind you not, knowing there is a lock on the toilet door I was doing my business when to my horror a man opened the door. All I could ...

Posted By Sheralee on 1st February 2008

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Hairy On Campsite

Last year the whole family and I went camping up north at a caravan park on the beach. The boys had gone fishing and had left all us girls back at camp and was drinking some champagne. My sister had just finished brushing her hair when she started to pull all the hair out of ...

Posted By Fionna on 1st February 2008

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Bah Bah

When I was younger we were travelling around W.A as a family. My mum, dad, brother, nanna, aunt and uncle. We often camped out at night and of course nature was our toilet. M y brother and I headed off to find firewood when low and behold we saw a sheep walking along the empty ...

Posted By Nicki on 25th January 2008

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This story is funny now but at the time I justed wanted to die of embarrasment! I'd just finished a weeks holiday in Fiji.It had been a dream holiday until the 2nd last day. I came down with a terrible bout of vomiting. (not to mention the other end as well!)I'd thought I'd got ...

Posted By Ali on 10th January 2008

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Hi All Have had to move my web site Walkabout to a new url Thanks for the emails everyone Cheers Alison

Posted By Alison on 26th December 2007

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It Was Snowing!!!

Recently my partner & I had a trip to Las Vegas & had a fantastic time.We had the chance to go there for 5 days see the vegas strip, dine in restaurants and see three shows. We even managed to fit in getting married while we were there which was a surprise for me! On our long ...

Posted By Melissa Scrivener on 28th November 2007

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I told you so!

We had been travelling in the Australian Outback for 9 days. From Quorn to Quilpie to Yowah and we were heading home. Jack our 4 year old son had not been happy about our camping adventure from the start. He had made this known by refusing to do number 2's anywhere. Not in the ...

Posted By Jacqueline on 15th November 2007

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Caravanning to nowhere

In the sixties mum and dad bought a lovely old colorbond caravan. We all thought we were the ants pants. Off down to the seaside for one week. Geelong. Which was around one hours drive. We started packing a week before the departure. The caravan didn't have a fridge, although ...

Posted By Barb Scicluna on 16th October 2007

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Lost with Scots!

A friend and I were in Edinburgh at the height of the Da Vinci Code phenomenon. I had read the book and was aware that the Rosslyn Chapel was an hour or so by bus from the town centre and decided to use our last Sunday in town to visit. We waited at the bus stop and jumped on ...

Posted By Corzy on 3rd October 2007

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The most important

My family and I were fishing along a river when my brothers started fighting. My mum came down from the car with food in her hands and one of my brothers said "your the most important person." As she's walked over to slap my brothers for fighting, she slipped and fell in the ...

Posted By Bianca on 2nd October 2007

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Going to the beach was an awesome holiday for me when we were kids and being that i lived in a small rural town i was not very familiar with the sea life. so when my father told me that blue bottles eat you I had no reason not to believe him and it kept us away from them, Then ...

Posted By kylie williams on 24th September 2007

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The jungle at night...

We were on our beautiful honeymoon in Sabah and had decided to go along on the "nocturnal jungle tour". Hoping the trek would live up to the hype, we set off into the blackness after our silent guide, flicking his torch on every couple of minutes to get his bearings. The oppressive ...

Posted By anthony simpson on 21st September 2007

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coke restrictions...

It was my sons 8th birthday and we had a little a family i do not allow alot of coke or lollies but we do have a few on one of our birthdays. So i brought the coke and lollies out and the cake and we sang happy b'day and got into some serious eating and drinking...I ...

Posted By Louise Amos on 11th September 2007

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We stayed overnight at a caravan park near Rotorua in N.Z. I approached the ablution block and could hear a bloke singing in the shower at one end, so I walked down to the opposite door. I had my shower and as I walked out two blokes with just towels around their waists walked ...

Posted By Linda Truss on 6th September 2007

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funny dunny story

I was in Canada on a music tour. We were assigned a room mate for each hotel room. On the second night my room mate went out for a while and I was bursting to do a poo, so I did. This thing was a monster. I tried flushing it, but it clogged the toilet. So I called house- keeping ...

Posted By Tara on 26th August 2007

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Honey have we Lost a Kid?

My mate his wife and 4 kids and my wife and I went for a day trip in our 4X4's out of Perth, after a great day on the beach and dunes near the Pinnacles we headed for home, on the way down the highway we stopped for eats at a roadhouse, we set off again and about 5km down the ...

Posted By Rob on 25th August 2007

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Killer Geese

I was recently given a Barossa weekend getaway from my parents. My husband and I arrived around 5pm unpacked and were relaxing before dinner, one of the attractions where we were staying was a large rose garden so I decided to explore before dinner. I left my husband in the ...

Posted By Caroline Smyth on 10th August 2007

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Lizards of Northern Territory + My Dad = disaster!!!

We have a family of 8. 6 kids and mum and dad. During the Spring holidays a few years ago we decided to go on a camping trip out to Uluru. So we all hopped into our big troop carrier, connected the caravan and off we went. We were through our 3rd day of travel and I was watching ...

Posted By Renae on 4th August 2007

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snake in pool

Me... in the pool. I'm with a friend having a good time just muckin' around and what not. He lived in the bush, I hate snakes- and he was a pranker. Bad mix. I vaguely see something hurl over me from above and hear a splash behind me and I just think nothing of it. I hear my ...

Posted By cln on 25th July 2007

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My sister and I were traveling through Europe, and were staying overnight in a rather posh London Hotel. That evening, we bought a few items at an inner-city supermarket, and decided to cool them in our hotel room fridge, moving a few 'mini-bar' items in the process - to make ...

Posted By Anna Hill on 21st July 2007

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Fire Alarm

Taking an early morning shower at 6a.m. Y.H.A.London. Fire alarm started. Flung a towel around my naked body which only just covered my front. Ran back to my room with my clothing; against people trying to get out. Backside hanging out, trying to unlock the door to alert my ...

Posted By Ann Nikas on 17th July 2007

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port mcdonnell , vic

Hi there all with the travel bug, when I went to S.A. we spent the night at Port McDonnell, and then kept driving the next day along the ocean. We stopped at some stairs, and went for a walk on the beach, we turned over a rock and found a perfect fossil of a shell, fan shaped, ...

Posted By bindi johns on 5th July 2007

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city girl /country girl

Some years ago I was travelling in a car Rally and our over night stop was Boomi NSW . Being the middle of July the weather was below freezing. A city girl who was travelling in another car was taking a picture of the frost that had settled on this old car. She started to touch ...

Posted By D. Nugent on 5th July 2007

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Giant spider

After I left school I took up employment with Ansett Airlines as a baggage handler at Tullamarine Airport. This involved loading and unloading baggage and freight from aircraft from all around Australia. During this time I will always remember several of the other baggage handlers ...

Posted By Steve Francis on 27th June 2007

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Little girl lost

I was a 15 year old girl when I first travelled to the US. I got lost at LAX and missed my flight to memphis, so I was redirected to Minneapolis, half the country away! When I landed I was sick all over myself just as the plane was landing. I finally made the last flight to ...

Posted By Nichaud Griffin on 19th June 2007

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Germans can`t do the dishes!!

Did you ever ask yourself why we german girls never do the dishes during our stay in Australia?? It´s because your soap says: "KILLS GERM(an)S" ;-) ***** Have a look at my story "A very expensive way killing a huntsman spider" lol sabine

Posted By Sabine on 13th June 2007

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Anyone for a bit of the bubbly?

My friend and me had just arrived at a resort in Airlie Beach. After a fifteen minute walk into town in the thirty-something heat we decided to grab a bottle of wine from the local bottle shop and head back to the resort for a swim in the pool. After a quick dip we decided to ...

Posted By evagirl on 4th June 2007

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Good Luck

I was on a return flight from KL and was in the middle isle. Part of the family were in the row with me. There was only 1 family member that was seated elsewhere. After listening to a family discussion in another language I was concerned they were going to ask me to swap seats. ...

Posted By Rhonda Dwyer-Prentice on 25th May 2007

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Filipino Flavour....

We were on a rusty old ferry heading to Zamboanga, the very south of the Philippines coming form murky old Sandakan in Malaysia - it was the cheapest way to get to the Philippines. The trip was scheduled to take 17 hours but it took 22 hours and we get sea sick - smart move Andrea! ...

Posted By ANDREA CROME on 17th May 2007

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Snorkel Tanks??

While working on the Great Barrier Reef, I was assisting a very nervous guest with their snorkelling equipment. After getting all the gear on and about to enter the water, with a look of concern the lady then asked 'How much air is in my snorkel?" To which i could only reply, ...

Posted By Alison Stebbing on 17th May 2007

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Quite some years ago I was visiting friends in a lovely seaside spot (well very near the sea) called Pottsville in New South Wales. An appropriate name it seemed at the time. My friends had an English friend staying with them also. His name was Nigel. My friends' house ...

Posted By caro on 10th May 2007

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Gullible or just stupid

i always knew i was a gullible person but i think now i will replace that word with stupid. We were on a tour bus on our way down to Sydney to watch a Hamlet play. I asked my friend why we werent traveling in the bus lane and he replied, "coz its for buses with 8 wheels and this ...

Posted By Danielle Elsey on 7th May 2007

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Thailand - Day 2

Its 1030am here and hot, hot, hot. I woke up at 5am after falling asleep in my stinky shoebox at 630 last night. I was so tired that if I had flung myself over a clothes line, I would have slept well. I only woke up once at 1am and for a couple of seconds, didn't know where I ...

Posted By RDownie on 4th May 2007

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OMG poor, poor, POOR mouse!

While i was looking out the window before tacking off i saw a mouse crawling on the airoplanes wing. it was walking carfully and when we started to take off it was slowly being dragged further and further to the end of the wing where a little gap of metal was. the mouse was dragged ...

Posted By Eva Basford on 20th April 2007

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synchronized emus' ploping

well i was out about 4 hours out of north-west NSW and me dad and freinds were in the car and stummbled apon 2 emus they looked normal at first but then we saw them poo at the exact same time, now thats what i call synchronized pooing :-) haha

Posted By john on 17th April 2007

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14 hours in Dublin Airport!

After 4 days in Ireland, we headed for Dublin Ferry Terminal ready for our pre booked ferry to HollyHead in Wales. Despite the ferry company having all our contact details nobody contacted us and we were not aware until we arrived at the Ferry Terminal that all the ferries were ...

Posted By Jemma Leckenby on 11th April 2007

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funniest story

it was our first trip to cairns, I was very excited about being outdoors. Im not a good one for animals and bugs. Our first adventure of the day was to visit one clear running water hole. I ended up clinging to a rock nearly swept away to be eaten by crocs, english backpackers ...

Posted By julie wilson on 21st March 2007

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A Very Expensive Way Killing a Huntsman Spider

I am from Germany and I was spending a year in Australia in 1999/2000. Until then I newer knew hat big spiders like that exist on our planet. On the third day I was alone on the farm and I got into contact with a Huntsman. I was told before not to squash them with my shoes.. ..but ...

Posted By Sabine on 17th March 2007

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The quiet camper..

My partner and I are quiet campers. We love a nice secluded camp site and on arrival to Innusbruk (Austria) we thought we had hit gold. A view of the alps from our tent, and not another camper at the site. As we set up camp we noticed that we were not far from the rail way lines. ...

Posted By Abbi McDonald on 13th March 2007

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Three Stogers.

Well my friend and i went to kangaroo island with my family for a little holidays, and as we were there we came across a fair amount of stoggers, the first one being, the caravan park keeper, the sign for the ice creams said $i.50 then he charged us $2 for each so we coouldn't ...

Posted By Georgia on 9th March 2007

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Funny Story in Tasmania

My husband and I were travelling around Tasmania in August 2004. We had visited Port Arthur and on our way up the east coast towards Bicheno, being a keen photographer I was looking for places of interest, but with the speed he was travelling it made may task very difficult. ...

Posted By Karin on 1st January 2007

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A wee story

I teach and took a bus load of 11 year olds to Sydney from Bathurst. One boy needed to go to the toilet in the middle of nowhere - no toilet on the bus in those days - the bus stops, it was dark - driver switches off the headlights so the child has some privacy - BUT switches ...

Posted By Jill on 30th December 2006

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Waiting at the airport

I was in Rome with my mother, when I was younger,(about 7) waiting for the our connecting flight, and I previously almost sat on a chair with water or something on it. Lucky I didnt, anyway...this man came and sat down on it and the look on his face when he sat down was hilarious, ...

Posted By Mel on 30th December 2006

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Fear n loathing in Barcelona

Fear and Loathing in Barcelona By Aaron Smith 2006 It was ten years ago since I last visited Barcelona. Then it was a week without sleep or seeing daylight. I started like a typical tourist, at a tapas bar in La Rambla, figuring I couple of beers before an early night so I could ...

Posted By Aaron Smith on 30th December 2006

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camping disaster

well i was going camping with my father and my brother with some friends and we were in a blue ford and they were in a white van we were looking for a perfect camping site than suddenly we lost everyone else so me and my brother got out of the car and started walking up this ...

Posted By jessica king on 19th December 2006

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My Dad makes all kinds of dad jokes, that sometimes are funny, and other times aren't. Anyway, we were travelling to the Goldcoast, the whole family was in the car, I was 5 at the time and was really excited about seeing the easter bunny and the easter eggs. As per usualy, my ...

Posted By Ryley on 7th December 2006

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Week 13 - Trip around OZ _ SJ & AJ

Hi All Another week, and yes this one is a little late, still proof checking week 14 so it may be a little late too! Take care all Cheers Steve & Alison

Posted By Alison on 7th November 2006

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Honeymoon Horror

My husband and I were driving back to Tassie after our honeymoon on the Sunshine Coast. We had planned a night at a large conference centre in Melbourne the day before our trip on the Spirit of Tasmania. (We had a wooden box strapped to the roof that had alot of wedding pressies ...

Posted By Emily Toms on 3rd November 2006

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coral bay

freinds pulled out leaving sun 29th oct from perth. Email Greg.

Posted By greg on 24th October 2006

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Embarrassing Moments

My sister and I are young travellers, 21 and 19 respectively, and as a result there were many hiccups on our travels around Europe. The most memorable mistake that I made was when we were in Tallinn. We hopped on a public bus and I walked to the front of the bus to pay the driver ...

Posted By Andrea Murrie on 12th October 2006

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Year long trip of east Oz

Hi - I'm a 24yo female originally from Victoria - wanting to spend a year or so travelling up and back the east coast of Oz. I want to leave Vic in early 2007, and am aiming to get to far north QLD for the sunny dry season. Obviously I want to take my time getting there, and ...

Posted By Nicki on 6th October 2006

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Paranoid? Us?

To set the scene... it was the end of a magical two weeks in Borneo. We had trekked through the jungle, climbed a mountain and spent the last few days sunning ourselves on a beautiful island. We boarded the plane for the three and a half hour flight to Kuala Lumpur... seemed ...

Posted By jlongred on 4th October 2006

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Week 8 Across the Top End - SJ & AJ

Hi All Another week has flown by and another update is ready. Enjoy and thank you for the encouragement of your emails. Until next week Cheers Steve & Alison

Posted By STEVE & ALISON on 26th September 2006

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Funny travelling story

A couple of friends and I where going on a roadtrip to Surfers Paradise. We decided to book a travel hire van for the trip. Being poor students we decided to go with the cheapest available. Being unorganised we went at last minute to discover our 'sleek, air conditioned, "NEW" ...

Posted By Jess Frost on 19th September 2006

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How are You going?

Hello! I'm 20 years old male, Polish.I've been to the UK now and am planning to visit Australlia.Please,write the best places to visit and say why. I'd be glad to get any messages on my mail. I'd be also glad to meet new people,so mail me whenever you've got some free time.

Posted By Mike on 17th September 2006

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Weeks 1-6 Across the Top - SJ & AJ

LAST EDITED ON 14-Sep-06 AT 10:19 AM (GMT) by australia (admin) Hi All We are 6 weeks into our trip across the top of Australia. If you would like to follow read aout our adventure and see our photography - please tune on in at "" Hope you enjoy and ...

Posted By Alison on 14th September 2006

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Funniest Story Entry

My friend and I were on a bus from Eilat to Jerusalem in Israel. She (predictably) fell asleep and I was engrossed in a book. I looked up, but the other backpackers were still on the bus, so I went back to reading. I looked up again and we were the only ones left - and the bus ...

Posted By Melissa Tan on 23rd August 2006

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A night without sleep in Darwin

Being middle aged, but young at heart, my sister and I decided to stay at a Backpackers hostel during our recent trip to Darwin. And we can certainly say that this scruffy, loud and street savvy establishment, with the most quirky, confusing and laid back staff we have ever come ...

Posted By Mary-Leigh on 10th August 2006

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Anyone travelling up to Darwin on the West coast?

Hello, I'm a 25yo Irish girl looking for a lift to Broome and/or Darwin. I'm in Karratha at the moment. Happy to share travel expenses and driving if you provide the vehicle. I'm fun loving and easy going, my only requirement is I need to be in Darwin by the 12th September. So ...

Posted By Dee on 9th August 2006

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Funniest Travel Experience

My 2 year old daughter and I went to Fiji, and visited the local school. Beautiful Fijian kids sang us traditional songs, and some even dressed up as warriors and chanted war songs at us, while waving spears around. My daughter was sitting on my lap, absolutely entranced. Then ...

Posted By Stacey Fuller on 2nd August 2006

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travel story

Visiting Paris on the way back home from an English holiday we stayed at D'louvre Hotel,and very nice it was too.My husband thought he was very clever when he rang down from our room and ordered an extra bathrobe,IN FRENCH. A few minutes later a staff member knocked on the door ...

Posted By louise on 7th July 2006

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the onion ring that was not

I was living in Ottawa, Canada on an exchange. One night after a night at the pub myself, my mate erin and our french canadian mate john decided to grab a bite to eat to sample some 'poutine' a french canadian heart stopper - chip and gravy topped with cheese curd. At 4 in the ...

Posted By Maggie Maloney on 3rd July 2006

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August 20th: From Perth to ?

I will do a training period near Perth who is finish the August 20th. I have a other one in NZ who start October 1st. So I have five or six free-time weeks to discover Australia. Don't want to do it alone. I am 21, male, french (nobody is perfect), open minded, curious, ... If ...

Posted By Baballe on 6th June 2006

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Funny Story

This one was one I wanted to share with everyone else who was not there who will now wish after reading you had been !!! My family and our best friends went to Tenerife for a holiday together just before we moved out here to Australia. We all have children so decided to go to ...

Posted By Ali on 4th June 2006

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I was 18 and living in Sydney at the time, and my best mate Sean asked me if I would like to ride to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on our racing bikes. When had travelled from Coogee, to the city about 22 km, as we ventured into the city traffic, we stopped at a set of lights, Sean ...

Posted By Cliff Rollins on 29th May 2006

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unmchappy meal

On the way home from a really exciting and exhausting day out my brother was grumpy and tired.Everyone was hungry so we decided to stop at mc donalds.My brother wanted a mc happy meal so when we pulled up to the service window my dad asked for an unmc happy meal for my brother ...

Posted By sunbrix on 21st May 2006

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Magnetic Island Story no 2

My parents had decided to visit us in Townsville, from Brisbane, and so we decided to go over to Magnetic Island. There would be seven of us - my parents, my husband, my three children aged between 10 - 15, and myself. The day turned out to be full of fun and laughs. Whilst waiting ...

Posted By Jem Stone on 21st May 2006

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Naked Glory

Many years ago, my husband and I were exploring Magnetic Island, (which is about a thirty minute trip by cat from Townsville), and feeling rather brave, we decided to investigate one of the many nudist beaches the island boasted. When we arrived, there was no-one to be seen so ...

Posted By Jem Stone on 21st May 2006

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driving story

We were on the way to Sydney or somewhere not too sure and we were driving along with my husband driving. I was really tired and almost falling asleep. Whilst we were driving we came to a goat that was crossing the road and i yelled out " WATCH OUT!!! UNICORN CROSSING THE ROAD!!! After ...

Posted By Angela on 19th May 2006

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keeping smiles

ok let me just say that when you go to an airport make sure you tell them you have a metal plate in your body, i didnt, and i was taken in one of the back rooms, i used to wonder what goes on in there when i traveled, but then again they would never scan me. but this airport ...

Posted By julie deckard on 3rd May 2006

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Easter bunny

I was packed into the back back of my parent's wagon. My Dad smiled at me as he clicked down the back seat, locking my lanky legs in to the position they would stay for the duration of the ten hour drive. I didn't mind too much though, doped up on travel sickness pills I snuggled ...

Posted By Sallly on 19th April 2006

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Customs Catastrophe!

My husband and myself recently had a short break in Vanuatu. As we were only there for four days, we placed our dirty clothes in a garbage bag and left it in the corner of the room. As the room was serviced daily, the staff often left the door open whilst they went about their ...

Posted By Danielle on 11th April 2006

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Funny Bus story

We recently visited LA and decided to catch a bus from Hollywood to Santa Monica Pier. This required changing buses along the way. We asked our driver to advise us when we had to get off to catch the other bus, to which he said he would. We were surprised then when he stopped ...

Posted By Sonya on 26th February 2006

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Honeymoon from Hell!

Last December Rebecca and I went on honeymoon to Sydney and Cairns, and whilst this travelling story was not so funny at the time, I now look back at it and laugh... We're all excited, Rebecca's first time on a plane and we started to descend upon Sydney. Suddenly I look across ...

Posted By Murray on 26th January 2006

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double music

In October of 2000, I went over to Nepal to work/volunteer in a small village called Nangi. It was for Industrial placement at University and I organised it with the village, which is situated North West of Kathmandu at an elevation of around 3000 metres. Most chilly evenings ...

Posted By luke fletcher on 21st January 2006

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A washing machine kept us on the move

We had been for a holiday to Adelaide to pick up our twin tub washing machine from our previous home. It was precariously loaded in the back of our hatch back with the boot part way up and Octopus straps securing it. Almost into Murray Bridge my husband tells me we have run out ...

Posted By Sue Lewis on 12th January 2006

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Vibrating luggage

I had just checked into Melbourne airport, running late to catch a flight home to Perth. I was walking rapidly towards the Gate (Gate 23 from memory - the one furtherest away from the entrance) when a surreal voice came over the loudspeaker and requested that I return to the ...

Posted By Kelly on 8th January 2006

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Whistling Willows

It was christmas Day 2005.. I had work on this day so left the family gathering to which my brother asked for a lift.. I agreed that it wouldn't be too out of my way to not do..being christmas and all.. the Christmas Spirit on Christmas Day is just so remarkable. Its like there ...

Posted By Natalie on 5th January 2006

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Cane Toads

On our recent visit to Cairns we visited Hartley's Crocodile Farm. Whilst we were being given our guided tour the presenter asked us if we'd noticed that the ground was moving and looking down we saw that it was seething with baby cane toads. The guide invited us to stomp all ...

Posted By dianne on 26th November 2005

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Theft in Europe

So many incidents happened when my parents and I went for a trip together overseas quite a while ago that I could write a book on the event! My father was truly a prankster and with our organized tour in Europe he was truly in form. We were all standing with our touring group ...

Posted By Donna on 26th November 2005

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Friendly chat

I was in montreal canada and one of the tour guides was going on about how great canada is and how theres not much crime or povity there and how fresh the air is. As he was saying that a homeless guy appeared and farted it really stunk, then a horse shat all over the place ...

Posted By Michael on 20th November 2005

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my mums teeth

We were holidaying in queensland and staying on the 16th floor in surfers paradise, sitting around the table having lunch when we heard the fire brigade in the street, so we all rushed out to the balcony to have a look. We were laughing at something and my mum spluttered and ...

Posted By anne anderson on 19th November 2005

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Funniest Travel Experience in the Snowy Mountains

:9 When I was 17, my sister, myself, Mother and Father went on a wonderful holiday to the Snowy Mountains. What wonderful holiday it was. However, visiting Dubbo Western Plains Zoo on the way home left me out in the cold, so to speak! We hired bikes to cycle around to view ...

Posted By Anne Gibson on 13th June 2005

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Across the nulabour

We crossed the Nulabour back in the 90s myself ,hubby ,my young son brother his wife and kids and not to forget me mum we left from Perth destination Adelaide in two cars with two trailors. We came across some sights had breakfast in the Nulabour with a barbecue basting fried ...

Posted By Pauline on 4th June 2005

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Wagga Wagg go round!

After attending our nephew's Wagga wedding, we leave the reception to rush back with our kids to Melbuorne to board the Spirit of Tasmania to go home. It was pitch black dark and raining and after receiveing directions we left at 10pm for Melbourne. After travelling for several ...

Posted By Heayherbelle on 30th May 2005

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Drunken Dad

One night my father went to a wine tasting night, something to do with liqour stores having some kind of wine nights. Well one night while mum was in bed she heard a thump, coming from down the bathroom way so she went up and to see what it was, she saw dad sitting over the toilet ...

Posted By Kylie Mitchell on 20th May 2005

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Gold Coast Blunder

2 years ago we went on a holiday (My Husband, the 3 kids & I) on checking in to the motel, my eldest daughter said to Dad, are you sure you told them the right date that we will leaving? "Yes of course I did" said my husband, meanwhile we thought we still had another day before ...

Posted By Joanna Shephard on 11th May 2005

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messy accidents

I was travelling around Europe during the summer last year. While staying in a hostel in Munich, Germany myself and fellow dorm members decided to sample some (or a lot) of the famous beer. After a lot of drinking we finally retreated back our dorm rooms and within minutes we ...

Posted By Hema on 9th May 2005

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Nice is not so nice

Wel we finally arrived in nice, France. I wont say we got there without any trouble because that would just be lying through my teeth. It all started out fine! Toni, Pete and I got up at 7, got a train from Amsterdam to Paris where we met Tegan who came in from Germany and then ...

Posted By Mel on 20th April 2005

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Do not Trust the Taxi Driver

This didn't happen to me but my mum and dad told me about when they got home. My mum and dad went on a holiday to Malaysia. When they got out of the airport they hailed a taxi and told the driver to take them to all the tourist sites.The driver (who couldn't speak English very ...

Posted By Jess on 3rd April 2005

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on my honey-moon

Well for my honey-moon my hubby and i went to kangaroo island. While there we stayed at American river. One fine day we decided to go fishing . so we headed to the local jetty. Now the slats on this jetty are widely spaced. My rod wasn't set up yet so i leaned it against a ...

Posted By synni on 18th March 2005

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My home is everywhere

I have travelled a few times around Europe, but my last trip was an exciting experience. I visited Austria, France and Spain for a few days. I have never thought that they have something in common, neither have I guessed that they have a similarity with my native country - Bulgaria. So ...

Posted By Desislava on 2nd February 2005

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Do me laundry

While we were backpacking and staying in Cairns, my friend decided to do our laundry. I asked him if he wanted a beer while he was doing it. He said yes so I set out to find some. Bob, my friend is very maticulous about everything. He is a real neat freak! Anyway down the street ...

Posted By treetopflyer on 29th January 2005

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Italian Chinese

I spent a month in Italy with a group of friends about a year ago. One of the group members was Chinese and was starting to miss home, so being the caring bunch of people that we were, decided to go out for Chinese food in Italy (as you do!). On the menu there were three different ...

Posted By Byte_me on 28th January 2005

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I've travelled around the world, but my funniest travelling story would have to be as I was travelling to McDonalds down the other side of my suburb! I was with my friend on rollerblades, and she wore her sparkly pink skates.....a sight to see. Being the mature people we are, ...

Posted By abbie on 19th December 2004

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ever been to dubbo?

a good friend of mine, nigel, has spent all of his life growing up on the land and working in the bush, rounding cattle, sheering sheep, and generally been a hard worker away from the hustle and bustle of busy life. His parents came into some money, and really wanted to take ...

Posted By janette Louey on 16th December 2004

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Rails End - Adventure in Paris

Rails End by Natalie Nicole Gilbert 200411.30 It was scary and amazing. Sitting alone there at the end of the rail car, facing where we had been rather than where we were going, not looking directly at any of the 4 or 5 unknown faces in front of me. Faces who weren't among ...

Posted By Natalie Nicole on 15th December 2004

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random bruno

His name was bruno and he lived in the middle of australia, bruno was a very random guy, and did very random things. Just last week bruno thought that he would go 4 a stroll in the desert, and decided to have a picnic with the Pandas, he's best mates. He was walking in the middle ...

Posted By ryan mobbs on 9th December 2004

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A load of Bull

It was a calm still evening on Inish Mor in the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway. I had just sat down on the sea wall to contemplate the sunset when I noticed in the distance what I took to be a young boy leading his cow home for milking. The fact that he had something like ...

Posted By Donna Spillane on 7th December 2004

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the noise

right well we was at school and the teacher told us to stop doing our work so we did then me and my friend heard a funny noise but we didnt quite no what it was then the next day the teacher told us to stop doing our work and this boy opened his legs and he pupped we laughed ...

Posted By fun gyal on 11th November 2004

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Funny Story ... Lion King & cakes

Weeks before we went to the Lion King live at the Capital Theatre in Syd ... My Fiance and I were on holiday in Coffs Harbour. Sitting on the bed watching t.v. ... G.F. is cutting up a Sara Lee cheese cake for a bit of desert when an advert comes on the t.v. for the Lion King ...

Posted By Paul on 8th November 2004

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a tall tale

A LIE WILL NEVER HURT A FISHERMAN The tree must have been at least 50 metres tall and ten metres wide but it was the only tree in the neighbourhood which I hadn't climbed to the top yet. It was an untimely Monday morning (7 am!) when I arrived at the bus stop. I dumped my bag ...

Posted By Jaime Sims on 6th September 2004

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A day out fishing!

On one early moring my wife and i went fishing in our tinny. As we where leaving our camp site we had no idea on what the day would turn out. Know i had series 3 Landrover Deisel and on the back was a 14 foot v-hule tinny 15hp motor so we were pretty well set 4wd and creek fishing. ...

Posted By Kev on 10th May 2004

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Fun Family Holiday - NOT!!!

A fine plan I had plotted to leave Melbourne on Friday night after work and travel the 5 hours to what I heard to be "beautiful Merimbula" on the NSW coast. With the car all packed and fuel filled we set off in peak hour traffic 2 excited kids in the back and hubby driving. Heading ...

Posted By Bridget on 15th April 2004

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honk the horn honey

My husband and I were travelling home from a fun filled week in sydney we decided to go to Aubury, after a night in Albury we hit the road again and were on our way to hay, and decided to take what my husband declared a "short cut" basically it was a small road with out a lot ...

Posted By Ange on 12th March 2004

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Holiday to Woop Woop

My family had jus finished watching a movie about a small town in outback australia (what they call woop woop). We had plans to stay at a small town for 3 nights that following weekend (as we travel over to a skiing lake not far from the town) Anyway, after making jokes all the ...

Posted By Kimberley on 12th February 2004

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My demolition Hubby

We were on an airoplane from Brisbane to Adelaide, with our two toddlers, which means that we need more space and more things to keep the toddlers happy, which off cause you can only do so much. So my husband got up to open the cabin to get toys out and by pulling the bag (which ...

Posted By Marthie on 29th January 2004

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The Train Ride from Hell

A few years ago I was travelling from Brisbane to Cairns. We were stuck with this screaming toddler, not too different from those hollywood films where kids are running up and down the middle of a plane. Her mother sat back and smiled as this toddler made herself at home, sprawling ...

Posted By Lauren on 4th January 2004

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how not to get eaten by crocodiles

Well,a few years ago,myself and a couple of friends decided wed go 4 wheel driving to cooktown,queensland.We took 2 4 wheelers,myself and my ex in one,and our 2 mates in the other.Everything was going ok,until e hit Cairns.We stopped at the crocodile park there,i believe at the ...

Posted By karen blackwell on 15th October 2003

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make sure you close the door properly!

came to perth for a holiday first thing i do is go into a dodgy littleute that had room for two people only. the problem being we needed to fit three in there so i had to queeze in with another person hold on for dear life and go about 1 km down the road. everythign went well ...

Posted By brooke on 12th April 2003

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never travel with little kids!

im travelling years ago on a bus from adelaide to perth with my little niece and she has this little computer thing that teaches you to read type etc. all afternoon she played this thing and if you got something wrong it would go doo doo doo please try again, and becaause she ...

Posted By brook on 12th April 2003

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Kangaroo in drag!

Whilst taking an American friend on an outback adventure we accidentally hit a kangaroo with our car. It was knocked out but not dead, and the American decided to take a photo. But this was no ordinary photo... We proped the unconscious roo up onto the roo bar of the car, the ...

Posted By Nadia on 19th July 2002

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French Tickler - a would-be thief foiled

Several overseas trips with the family have taught us that they can be rewarding - but you always have to beware of pickpockets. On a lovely visit to Paris an encounter with a pickpocket gave the would-be thief a little more than he bargained for! While sauntering down the famed ...

Posted By spryte1 on 16th March 2002

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Freezing jacuzzi

We took our family to West Coast America in December for our holiday of a lifetime....Disneyland, Universal Studios etc. The most absolutely amazing place we went though was the Grand Canyon. It was just awesome. But the kids were less than impressed by the freezing weather. ...

Posted By winglee on 11th March 2002

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Funny Stories - Rhino attack - more freaky than funny!!

After hiking in the Himalayas we travelled to Chitwan Jungle on the border of India. At dusk a group of us ventured into the jungle with our guide who was on 'work experience' from Kathmandu, replacing the regular guide for just that evening. His inexperience led us into the ...

Posted By lyndonald on 28th February 2002

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What Jet Lag can do!

G'day! Many years ago, my finacee sent me a plane ticket for my birthday to come and live with him in New Zealand. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! Within three days, I had packed up my house, sold my car and oh, by the way, told my parents I was moving to New Zealand! The flight ...

Posted By mickeydownunder on 1st February 2002

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Joke - Funny Story

There once lived a bear and a rabbit in a large Australian forest. One day after a delicious meal, the bear decided to take a poo, he then saw the rabbit and said, "Mr.Rabbit, do you ever have problems with your poo getting stuck to your fur?" the rabbit replies "NOOOO" and so ...

Posted By Matt Daniells on 28th January 2002

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Are there any Pop-culture travellers out there?!

Hi, My name is Valerie and I am a PhD student. I am a great travel enthusiast, former travel expert . . .

Posted By 21stCenturyWanderer on 7th May 2017

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Expression of interest for research project

Hi everyone, I am a PhD researcher based in Melbourne exploring the influence of social media on de . . .

Posted By metha9009 on 28th May 2013

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3 Gay Men, 2 Heterosexuals, an axe, and some cooking oil

When told in full this story is a corker, its definitely one that will grace Chris Chicks travelling . . .

Posted By Chris Chick on 30th December 2011

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