Lost in transit

I was driving home to West Australia with my five sons. It had been a long drive all night across the Nullabor to Norseman.

We had stopped twice for my eldest son and i to take turns at the wheel, and answer the call of nature while the younger children slept.

Upon approaching norseman my 17 year old son wanted to stop at the roadhouse and get some breakfast.
I told him to have a look at the prices first, so we stopped in the carpark beside the roadhouse and he was really surprised at how expensive all the prices were when we went inside to view the menu etc.
I then drove towards Norseman till we arrived at the next roadhouse and parked there.

My son was pleased to find that we could shower for free and also the coffee and food was far cheaper.
Most travellers dont know that if they turn off the main road and go a few kilometres the roadhouse there is cheaper.

We both got back into the car and started to travel towards Perth.
Suddenly we realised one of the boys was missing.

Did that get us worried.

Had we lost him at the first roadhouse?

Did he get out of the car at the second roadhouse?
What if he had got out of the car on the two stops in the dark on the way to Norseman?

I was sure they had all been asleep in the car when we pulled up at the first roadhouse.

We returned to the second roadhouse as it was the furtherest away and checked there.

No sign of him.

I drove back to the main road, searched all around the big roadhouse, checked the toilets, asked all the staff.

No one had seen the boy.

I was getting VERY worried by then. As I talked to a roadhouse attendant and voiced my fears, a truckie came into the shop. He overheard me talking and approached. "Are you looking for a missing kid"? he asked. "Yes" we replied. The truckie asked "Does he have a white Tshirt on and is he barefoot"? "Yes" I said. The truckie almost doubled up laughing. "I saw the silly bugger jogging down the road with no hat and no shoes heading towards Coolgardie" he said. "I wondered what the silly bastard was doing out there in this heat" (Forecast was for 42 degrees that day). "He's about a kilometre and a half down the road towards Coolgardie".

I dashed out to the car and we drove off to find the missing son. We finally caught up with him about 2 kilometres down the roadway, still jogging towards Coolgardie.

I asked him what on earth he was doing. He told me he had got out to go to the toilet while my eldest son and I were in the first roadhouse. When he came back the van was gone. He thought we had left to go to Coolgardie, the next town on the way to Pwerth, so he began jogging down the track with no water, no hat, no shoes, instead of thinking to tell the roadhouse staff that he had been left behind.

Being a bookworm and Playstation freak, he was not quite in touch with reality and did not even think about the dangers of heat stroke or the distance.

He thought he could just jog to Coolgardie and meet up with us there. He was not the least bit perturbed about the distance, just a bit miffed that we took off without him.

EMAIL : zoezoe@y7mail.com

Posted By Zoe on 24th January 2009

Updated : 20th September 2009 | Words : 594 | Views : 2026

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