My husband, my daughter and I were driving back from a short holiday back to our home town when my cheeky 3 year old decided she was bored, so to amuse herself she started playing with the window winder, afraid that she would break it I asked her to stop doing it, as 3 year olds do I was totally ignored.

We decided to pull over to the side of the road and move her car seat to the middle of the back seat out of reach of the handles. We continued on our journey home, a short while later I could see out the corner of my eye that she was playing with something in her hand and I knew that whatever it was it didn't belong to her because we hadn't bought along any toys, in a stern voice I said to her "whatever you are playing with put it back"(a mummys angry voice. lol).

My little 3 year old started sobbing so I turned to her and asked for whatever she was playing with to be put in my hand, she refused so I then said to her "right I'm going to turn around and when I look back whatever it is you are playing with I want you to put it back, I gave her a few moments then I turned around to find her eyes full of tears as she was trying to put her booger back up her nose... I didn't know whether to laugh or feel really bad.

EMAIL : stewysgirl79@hotmail.com

Posted By peta berry on 11th October 2009

Updated : 7th October 2010 | Words : 255 | Views : 2110

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