Travel Cameras

Has anyone taken a camera traveling that has done a particularly great job that they can mention, and is a Digital, conventional SLR or a digital SLR better for your travels?

Thanks MC BOBBY!

Posted By Mc Bobby on Monday 10th March 2008 @ 15:28:50

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 With really good photo and video quality, a great set of features and generally class-leading performance, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 is probably one of our favorite compact cameras ever.


Posted By carlthehiker on Tuesday 27th January 2015 @ 14:02:35


I took a canon 60D DSLR and made a few videos, heres an example of one


Posted By AlexYetty on Friday 10th May 2013 @ 17:40:39


Ok from personal expierence you should try out the mju790 its a small stylish digital that can be dropped for 1.5metres and never worry it, it can also go 3metres deep in water and operate fine, has a load rating of 150kg and can also be in -10 degrees and operate.

Personaly this camera is the best no matter what you do to it, it will keep going throughout for travels. It is made by olyimpus. Check it out.

Posted By James on Tuesday 25th March 2008 @ 17:44:28


Yeah I agree, the SLR can get bulky and is a pain if you want to take a quick shot here and there.

I travelled with a fuji film finepix Digital SLR and it took some great pictures but was not as easy as pulling it out of your pocket and taking a quick photo.

So the decision is yours. One extra thing the straight pocket sized digital is less then half the price of a digital SLR. Enjoy your trip!

Posted By Jake on Friday 14th March 2008 @ 10:24:39


It depends on what you need, If you are intending on packing light then bring a small point and click camera, but if you want really good quality pictures then get an SLR but the trade off is that it is really bulky sometimes and a hassle to take out for quick snapshots.


PHONE : 1234556

Posted By helloworldbea on Monday 10th March 2008 @ 23:05:56

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