A motorhome painter asking about storage.

Hello to all of you living the dream, I have designed and painted over 200 motorhomes, over 3000 boats and alot of repairs..lol. 95% of those where over 28ft long and around the Gold Coast area. Some of you I have had the pleasure to meet and work on your motorhomes. Some of you also know me as "colours".

The one I have notice, is owners are having trouble with somewhere safe to store they're motorhomes and do a little something to them when they are in storage.

I am being force to leave my factory (repair and paint shop for motorhomes and boats) where I am at the moment. Due to a new deployment. This means I'm in the process of looking for a new factory.

The question I am asking you, as a motorhome owner is...
How many of you would want,need or like to have a place, not only to store {inside or outside)your beloved motorhomes, but also able to get access to them to clean or work on them or get it ready for the next trip???

And also to have work done on your motorhome by tradesman from the industry, ALL IN THE SAME PLACE???
With most repairs done within 5 days(if booked in) so you can be back on the road alot sooner???

Thank you for your time and I'm most erger to hear your thought's on this topic.

Happy and safe motoring.

EMAIL : immortalfinishes@hotmail.com

PHONE : 0449267799

Posted By Sean Brown on 5th March 2011

Updated : 5th March 2011 | Words : 239 | Views : 3996

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