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Hello everyone. So, my visa has been granted & I am itching to get my flight booked so I can look forward to it but do not want to rush into anything in case I make a bad decision. My plan is to book a flight to Perth for the end of February & visit some relatives & maybe stay for a month or so depending on work etc. Then I would head North up to Broome and Darwin in about May time, stay here for a month or so & then move on to Cairns in About August & stay here for a few months until summer kicks in & then head back down the East coast & finishing up in Sydney for Xmas & New Year & then to Melbourne for my last month or so & then maybe stay another year.

Does this sound like a good plan, firstly for the weather? When is rainy season up North? I've heard Cairns is party town , would I be there at the right time? Secondly to fit in 3 months of seasonal work. I am a carpenter & after reading the sticky about seasonal work it sounds like I could work in construction wherever I go which would qualify, is this correct? Where is the mining work? Where are most of the fruit picking/farming jobs?

I do not want to have to squeeze this in at the end if it is mostly over on the East Coast. So if I do it as I plan then would there be enough opportunities for me to do my seasonal work? Is it Easy Enough to travel up the west coast & is there any cheap ways of doing this? Another problem I have is that I would like to go to NZ to do some Skiing but I am presuming the skiing weather for NZ is May - September, when I will be in North Australia. How hard is it to get from north Oz to NZ, is it just as easy as going from south Oz?

Sorry I have so many questions I just do not want to be going to all the wrong places at the wrong times. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks Den

Posted By DenKav on Tuesday 13th November 2012 @ 06:58:43

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Try to book the ticket way long before your flight schedule to Perth. This will make your ticket price much cheaper than when you book it a minute before your flight schedule.


Posted By travent on Friday 25th January 2013 @ 02:11:06


I'm just finishing my second year in Australia and I think I can answer some of your questions.

Firstly, I loved Perth and Western Australia and it isn't as crowded as the East Coast. But the attractions are far apart and expensive, and public transport north of Perth is rubbish- you're best bet would be to get a car. Personally I would suggest starting your journey on the East Coast- its far more accessible to backpackers.

Rainy season for the North starts late October and goes to maybe February or March so you're looking at a good time of year for that.

I'm not sure about you're carpentry work, but you can find fruit picking jobs all over. The Swan Valley south of Perth is good on the West Coast, while on the East Coast you've got Newcastle, Bundaberg and Bowen. There are lots of other places too.

I can't answer your questions about NZ but I hope this helps.


Posted By Alex on Tuesday 18th December 2012 @ 20:47:25

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