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Info trip.. Sydney, Melbourne, Uluru, Cairns, Brisbane

Hello, I will move from the small country Luxembourg to Australia in October, I will write about the wonderful trip... later on. Waiting this, if you have any good recommendations, I will appreciate. Thanks. Charles

Posted By Charles on 3rd September 2007

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Adelaide to Cairns??

Hi, Im planning a trip to Oz, arriving end of Dec and our plan is to drive from Adelaide to Cairns in about 5 and a half weeks. Does anyone think it's totally unrealsitic, like are we just going to be driving non stop or do u reckon we will have enough time to stop off places ...

Posted By rach on 8th July 2007

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SHopping Near Airport

Hi there, Can somone help please. I have a 3 hour stopover in Syndey before traveling to my next place and had heard of a great shopping centre near the airport. I have no idea of the name of it though. Can someone, if they know, help me out!!! Cheers

Posted By jacksmum on 29th December 2006

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Cost of Travelling around Australia

Im going to be in the gold coast and sydney for two weeks total. What am I looking at spending each day for food and accomodations, assuming i stay in hostels?? thanks folks

Posted By Riggz on 6th December 2006

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Scandinavia - win a trip!

Hey, Just found the coolest thing that I'd like to share! Are you thinking about going to Scandinavia? I just saw on Scandinavian airlines website that you can win a roundtrip to Scandinavia by putting together really silly and funny sentences in Swedish Norweigan Danish or ...

Posted By Julia on 27th November 2006

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Vw Campervan rental in California

My wife and I just got back from a 2-week trip to California and we scored the most amazing surf adventure. Instead of taking the normal route, renting a car and moteling along the route, we opted for the rental of a VW camper bus. What a cool way to go! We found this little ...

Posted By Wetwillie on 11th November 2006

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Outback close to Sunshine Coast

We have English relations coming out for Xmas. We live on the Sunshine Coast (Tewantin) and they want to see a bit of the outback. Can anyone tell me the closest "outback" we could drive to. We will only be using a sedan, and the trip would have to be confined to a day or two ...

Posted By Nordo on 29th October 2006

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Traveling from East Coast of USA

I'm traveling to Melbourne from the East Coast of the US. I arrive at 10:20 in the morning, which is 8:20 at night on the East Coast. Am I going to be worn out by travel and jet lag or am I likley to be up for seeing a few sights? Any input appreciated.

Posted By Jon on 30th August 2006

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Protect yourself from being unwitting victim

Schapelle Corby drug smuggler gets 20 years in jail in Indonesia and a lot of discovery illegal goods and drugs in the luggage had raised the issue of security concern in every airport around the world. Luggagelock is a disposable tamper evident security seals designed for ...

Posted By Panassa on 9th August 2006

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time to travel

Hi, My name is Craig (20 from scotland). I plan to travel to australia in January for about 3 months (perth then sydney then brisbane). I would be grateful if anyone could help me with the following; * Is this a good time to see these places or would visiting over say november/december/january ...

Posted By craig on 6th August 2006

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Hi everyone, My name is Craig I'm 20 and come from Scotland. I'm travelling to Perth in January then to Sydney and then up the coast to Brisbane. I would be grateful if anyone could help me with the following; * Is it possible for me to book into hostels throughout these cities ...

Posted By craigy1 on 4th August 2006

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help with travel work.........

Hi there, I'm taking travel and tourism for school and would just like to know what services are provided on the australian Qantas flight's please! thanks...

Posted By monty on 30th May 2006

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Motorhome rental Perth WA

I've been thinking of renting a motorhome to cruise around WA for a few weeks with my 4 grand children. Avabreak motorhome rentals seem to be the best deal for what I'm looking for. Has anyone hired one of their motorhomes? If so, any problems? Are they easy to drive, etc?

Posted By Biggles on 27th May 2006

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cheap flights in australia

Hi I'm over here backpacking so on a very tight budget and I really want to see as much of Australia as possible. I was over here 10 years ago and internal flights cost a fortune. It's all changed now - I've been comparing prices and I just can't believe how cheaply you can ...

Posted By roztaylor00 on 24th May 2006

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Hi everyone, I found I save so much money by sending electronic postcards from this site rather than paying for a postacrd and stamps and stuff I can send a postcard from most location in Oz instead of sending emails.

Posted By Jordan on 1st May 2006

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Great Tips to Travel Australia

For all those planning to travel Australia here are some handy tips. Travelling by road: The best value is to buy a small van, a ford econovan or similar, decking it out is cheap and easy if you use your nut. Milk crates to support a sheet of ply board a gas cooker and an esky, ...

Posted By Bushman Bob on 19th April 2006

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Driving Melbourne to Queensland

Im driving to Queensland from Melbourne and have no idea what to stop and see in a week. I'll be driving the coastal route, so if anyone can feed me ideas that would be awesome. Thanks

Posted By Ben on 16th April 2006

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Travelling Australia

For anyone travelling to OZ from the USA, the Travel Australia Game is now available across America, it will assist you in your travels and adventures, you must play this great Aussie board game, don't leave home until you do! You can order the game from the USA agent by e-mailing: ...

Posted By The Travelteam on 15th April 2006

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name on ticket

Can anyone offer any advice. I have booked a holiday to Thailand for myself and a friend, the problem is that the tickets have been issued but there is a spelling mistake on one of the tickets. My friends first name is spelt Allen and on the ticket it is spelt Allan,we have ...

Posted By mick on 6th April 2006

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Travelling in Australia

Hi Everyone, I'm 18 years old and from Ireland. I'd like to travel to Australia between September-December later this year. I've never done a backpack holiday before!! I am curious about the following: *How much money would I need? Ideally we hope to be there for 3weeks-1month ...

Posted By Megan on 15th March 2006

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Hey everyone, I am planning a trip to Oz from Canada, and will be arriving in November. I am planning on going to one place and staying there for the first 3-4 months. I have been looking into Ballina, the attractions being surf, and fishing...I was just wondering if someone ...

Posted By kels on 24th September 2005

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leaving to go in 6 months

Hey people, me and my mate Rob, 25 and 23, are planning to go to oz for a year of travelling whilst working to pay our way round. We are thinking around end of March at the min and will need to start in Perth as that is where Rob has some friends we can stay at for a couple ...

Posted By Dan on 7th September 2005

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Pet friendly accommodation in Darwin

Hi, My Husband and I are hoping to spend a couple of weeks in Darwin in August. But, we need to find accommodation that is a good standard and is pet friendly. Please help if you can.

Posted By Anne on 13th June 2005

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Hello, How do you get from Avalon airport in Melbourne to the CBD? I got some cheap tickets without realising how far away it is. Is there some kind of public transport? The idea of forking out $60 for a cab doesn't appeal. Thats how much I paid for the flights! p.s If you ...

Posted By Nicko on 2nd June 2005

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Travel by car around Austrailia

I am going to Austrailia in a year or two, and I am planning to start in Sydney, buy a car, and drive north and all the way around Australia. I wanted to see if anyone had any advice on what car to buy and where (I wanted a 4X4, maybe topless as an option, like a jeep, but i ...

Posted By samantha on 22nd April 2005

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Vietnam Visa

I am going to SE Asia in June and wondering if anyone knows the simplest and cheapest way to get a single entry travel visa for Vietnam. Who should I call or what website should I visit to find out all the details?

Posted By Abby on 25th February 2005

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just arrived in aus, need to go on prepaid

I already have a phone and I'm slightly confused as to which company I should join? A few people in my hostel recommended virgin and isim but i'm not sure? help please?

Posted By tina on 7th January 2005

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Hi there Im travelling out to Sydney from the UK in february and am hoping to stay for approx 10 months. Could someone give me some advice on whether it is cheaper for me to get a return fare (not keen as not sure when will be back) or to just book from returning to the UK ...

Posted By Jennyb on 1st December 2004

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18th National Caravan Clubs Rally 2022

18th National Caravan Clubs Rally 2022 update NEARLY 190 registrations have already been received f . . .

Posted By EditorACCSA on 31st May 2020

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East coast or South coast from Sydney?

Hello, Looking for an advice which option to take for first time trip to Australia.We have 12 days . . .

Posted By meelistv on 26th February 2020

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Travelling Adelaide to Uluru with dogs

Hello! Planning a trip from Adealide to Uluru with my dogs later this year, any ideas what I can do . . .

Posted By Iggy1988 on 30th May 2019

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