Leaving Adelaide Late August

Hi, we are leaving Adelaide late August and un-decided which way to travel, West, East or go up the middle, we have a car, caravan and dog and will be traveling for about 1 year.

Any thoughts or advise would be very welcome

Posted By Nicky on 12th April 2016

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Having a year gives you quite some options Nicky and will allow you to plan to make best use of the weather and seeing as the top end can get rather testy in the months of the build up to the wet season, during and after, weather down the east coast can be more moderate than west( weather making or breaking a trip ),I'd suggest planning around the weather, however leaving in August is kind of problematical as to where you can be for best weather and I'd think about planning in a different way even if it means delaying your departure if you can. It also depends on what you want to see and best time of year for it and I'll give a few examples.

  • Avoid top end between October and April, even May likely to be humid and also great to see top end ASAP post wet season for wetlands and falls, May/June for instance. 
  • Do you want to see wild flowers in SW of WA in springtime, perhaps August/September? 
  • East Coast can be doable most times though winter in south and then Xmas school holidays can be very busy, Tropical north up towards and around Cairns often best in late Autumn, early winter to see waterfalls at their best if there has been rain and you like that kind of thing, mind you there are also many temperate rainforest areas in eastern Vic and through NSW and outhern Queensland too. 
  • Centre I'd avoid between October and April too for it'll be pretty warm, flies in abundance and though cooler months of the year are best, it'll get quite nippy at night, the further inland you are.

So in summary, if you're stuck with leaving in August, I'd suggest you head up the middle, do Coober Pedy, Uluru, Alice, (Katherine Gorge etc.) and depending on how you are going for time, perhaps with warmer north coming on even put Katherine and Darwin down for towards the end of your travels and head across through Mt Isa to the east coast, Cairns and region not so bad between say October to December and you would be heading south. Late rains in north could still have you seeing waterfalls in the region and I'd be looking at spending the next six months going down the eastcoast, doing a mix of coastal and inland, organising yourself to see Fraser Island etc. and NSW has some delightful New England inland highway options, and maybe depending again on your timing and interests, you could even head over to Tasmania for a month, back to Adelaide by the end of April say and then head up the centre to get to top End during May and June and then down the west coast so you could see yourself hitting the Perth region in July/August before heading back home with a tail wind mind you. 

But do get busy just looking at all the different place that might be a bit more off the beaten track if that is what interests you and then work out how long you will spend in different regions. 

Even though I know most of the east coast pretty well, I still find that there are so many different inland routes I want to take when doing trips between Qld and Vic. 

Anyway, hope the above helps. ( Just found this part of Ozex btw.

EMAIL : gregausti@hotmail.com

PHONE : 0478287694

Posted By Greg on Sunday 22nd May 2016 @ 19:32:21


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