Need some info, travelling to Australia

Im am living in Dublin, Ireland. I am looking to travel to Australia hopefully after the new year so around the start of 2008. Is this a good time? I am also looking to know how much money I will need, how to go about getting a bank account sorted.

I am looking to start off in Perth and then travel from there but dont really have a clue where to after, is there any good places to go to on my journey and is there any groups that look after this type of thing? Well if anyone can help or has a good website could you please post it.


Posted By Christopher Ormonde on 25th July 2007

Updated : 12th August 2007 | Words : 111 | Views : 2272 | Comments : 1

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Temp in 30's - school holiday period until early Feb - lots of tourists.
Feb - Mar better time

Posted By Di Wallace on Sunday 12th August 2007 @ 06:24:51


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