Perth to Cairns via Alice springs

Hi me and two friends are leaving Perth and driving to Cairns, we are going via Alice Springs that route. It is a long way so I was wondering if anyone had some tips, like good places to stop and see and also if there are any we have to avoid. Any advice would be helpful.
thank you

Posted By Tiptop205 on 20th January 2013

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Thanks for the replies, we have decided to go north and around to cairns and in a campervan as well, I am very excited.

If you have any suggestions of places that are a must see and places to have a good night out as well would be appreciated.


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Posted By Tiptop205 on Friday 8th February 2013 @ 19:44:12


Thanks lilleaf! And yes, I would also love to travel at the moment! :)

Posted By Skozy on Thursday 7th February 2013 @ 00:27:30


"I would suggest to take the route via Broome although it is longer."  It's about the journey isn't it? In a haste to get to a destination you can miss so much. The route marion suggested sounds good to me (makes me wannad do it too).

Posted By lilleaf on Wednesday 6th February 2013 @ 12:40:45


are you going via South Australia then? I would suggest to take the route via Broome although it is longer. Otherwise you miss some of the most beautiful parts in Australia. The Coral Coast, Broome, the Kimberley, Darwin, Kakadu National Park etc. --> you can't miss that :) ! I suggest you get the Camps 7 for all the rest areas and camping spots.
Good and save travel


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Posted By Skozy on Wednesday 23rd January 2013 @ 01:40:34


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