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Come to Kilcoy to experience the typical 'faces and places' of South East Queensland Country. Experience the scenic beauty of Lake Somerset and the surrounding mountains, the pleasant greenery and rural aspect of the Mount Kilcoy and Sandy Creek Valleys or the rugged beauty of the extensive forests and national park areas in the north of the Shire.

Things to do include camp at one of the many facilities in the area, visit local wineries and sample some of the excellent wines being made by local vignerons, take a scenic drive to Jimna, and visit the picturesque Peach Trees Camping Ground.

A must do for 4WD enthusiasts is Landcruiser Mountain Park, 22 kilometres north of Jimna. Enjoy fishing, sailing, waterskiing and canoeing on Lake Somerset at Kirkleagh. Visit the very popular Yowie Park for a picnic overlooking Greensill Lake with its weeping willows and its host of waterbirds. For more information visit the Kilcoy Shire Council.

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