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Paterson is an attractive small township settled amidst mountains and countryside on the Paterson River. The area was once occupied by the Gringgai clan of the Wanaruah Aboriginal people. The first known European in the area was the man whose name the town was to adopt, Colonel William Paterson, who, in 1801, surveyed the area beside the river that Governor King named in his honour.

Today, Paterson has various points of interest. A good way to see Paterson is to obtain a walking tour pamphlet from the Hunter River Country Visitor information Centre or the Paterson Museum at the Courthouse. Take a walk around this historic village, browse through the shops and enjoy the country hospitality of its traditional hotels. Have a picnic or barbeque in the park by the beautiful Paterson river - the local shops will tempt you with delicious fare.

Paterson Courthouse is situated on a slight rise overlooking the river. Built in 1857 with additions completed in 1865 the court house now displays many historical artefacts with the buildings dominant feature being the arcaded porch with its three monumental arches. It is at the Courthouse that Captain thunderbolt's wife was convicted for vagrancy in 1866. Thunderbolt had worked on the property 'Tocal' and returned in 1856 to steal horses.

The Rail Motor Society presents a history of train transportation in the region. The Society was founded in 1984 and is based in the beautifully restored Station Master's cottage. The Rail Motor Society has been dedicated to preserving the state's railway heritage, helped hugely by the passionate efforts of volunteers. The old 'Tin Hares' offer tours from local trips to long weekend getaways across the state. Paterson is a popular fishing spot and, if you want to explore the river, you can launch a boat or canoe here.

Temperatures for Paterson

Paterson has moderate summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Paterson is approximately 28 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 17 °c.

Paterson has mild winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Paterson is approximately 17 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 6 °c.


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