Pokolbin is in the heart of the Hunter Valley, the area is renowned for its world class vinyards with some being in operation for well over one hundred years. Pokolbin is Australia's oldest commerical Wine Producing Area with many large and small wineries.

Pokolbin has a wide range of tourist activities from Antiques and Souvenirs to Restaurants & Hot Air Ballooning. With this wine region around two hours from Sydney this area is popular with Sydney siders taking a short break or day trip.

Temperatures for Pokolbin

Pokolbin has moderate summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Pokolbin is approximately 29 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 17 °c.

Pokolbin has mild winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Pokolbin is approximately 18 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 5 °c.


Featured Pokolbin Activities and Tours

Exclusive VIP Hot Air Balloon Flight over the Hunter Valley
from $875.00

Thank your partner by treating them to an exclusive VIP flight ideal for proposals, anniversaries and special occasions. You and your partner will enjoy the VIP treatment in an hour long balloon fligh...

Ultimate VIP Hot Air Balloon Flight over the Hunter Valley for Two
from $2700.00

Show your partner you love them or cap off the day with an amazing VIP balloon flight; perfect for proposals, anniversaries, specials occasions or just to treat yourselves. Take luxury in the full...

40 Minute Maritime Patrol Mission
from $1950.00

In this mission you will fly to the coast and once you ensure that it is safe to conduct your operations by patrolling the coast of Newcastle you will climb up to height for some aerobatics. The aerob...

YAK-52 Fighter Trainer Mission in a Russian Red
from $695.00

Experience what every Soviet fighter pilot had to go through in the long road to becoming a frontline fighter pilot in formidable Russian fighter aircraft. They all started on the YAK-52 and had to pr...

Hunter Valley Helicopter Luncheon Flight
from $1150.00

It's time to escape the rat-race of city living and head to Australia's signature vineyards and winemaking region-The Hunter Valley. We will journey into the Hunter Valley is absolutely breathtaking, ...

Scenic Flight - Stockton Sand Dunes and Newcastle Beaches
from $880.00

Let our pilot guide you up the most magnificent piece of coastline we have - endless beach, sand dunes, dolphins, maybe a whale and then onto the Stockton Sand Dunes!! This flight is for five people, ...

More Pokolbin Tours

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