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Stop in at Saddleworth to experience a traditional country town atmosphere and to wander through the local stores. The old Catholic Church cemetery atop the hill has interesting epitaphs as well as a nice view over the town. A heritage walk brochure is available from the Saddleworth Institute.

Settlement of the Saddleworth area came in 1844. It was named by the early pastoralist John Masters after his hometown in Yorkshire, England. Saddleworth is still very much a pastoralist area, acting as a service town for the local rural community with the main activities being wheat, barley, sheep and cattle farming.

West towards Auburn, wine is also a very important product of the area. Nearby Waterloo, Marrabel and Manoora reflect the still ever present historical tales of early pioneers. Indeed Waterloo was once a staging point between Burra and Adelaide for the horse drawn Cobb and Co Coaches.

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