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This quiet township is in essence an informal holiday town made up of unpretentious river shacks for lovers of relaxed river days. The uncrowded waterways, sheltered river bends and sandy banks are popular with water-skiers in the summer months.

Blanchetown is where the Murray River lock and weir water flow management system starts. The system was constructed along the river in the 1920s and 1930s to help control the water level so that cargo and paddle steamers would always be able to navigate the waterways.

The old bridge in the town gives an excellent view of Lock 1 and circling above are hundreds of hungry pelicans that love to feed on the schools of fish near the spillway. Here you can also get a great view of the large riverboats that pull into Blanchetown weekly. Although Blanchetown's towering cliffs are famous for the grand views of their changing colours, closer inspection reveals fossilised treasures such as starfish, shells and fish.

Nearby is the Brookfield Conservation Park, a breeding ground for the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombats that can be seen grazing on the western side of the river. You can often see wombats at dusk coming up from their burrows.

Blanchetown's history is full of quirky stories such as this: the Post Office building was originally intended to be a railway station, but the rail plans changed and no track was ever built. Discover more about its history by undertaking the Blanchetown Historical Walk. Pick up a copy of the booklet from various outlets in the town.

Call in to Burk Salter Wines for tastings and stay the night at the adjacent bed and breakfast. Accommodation Blanchetown has a variety of accommodation including tourism award-winning Quality Houseboats - the first fleet to offer ensuites in every room.

Nearby, Bindmurra Farmstay offers accommodation on its working farm. Choose from three riverfront caravan parks or spend the night in a bed and breakfast.

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