In the heart of the beautiful Blackwood River Valley is Bridgetown. Three hours drive south of Perth, the town is famous for its misty mornings brought about by the combination of cold nights and its location next to the Blackwood River.

With its valleys and steep slopes, tall forests and wonderful scenic drives, it is one of the most picturesque towns in Western Australia. The ageless charm clinging to Bridgetown makes it a unique destination for those who cherish the less hectic side of life.

The town has many fine old buildings that have been painstakingly restored creating a wonderful mixture of old world charm with modern facilities. Bridgetown is the centre of a thriving and attractive district where, apart from tourism, the major industries are timber and horticulture (fruits, vegetables, nuts, olives, wineries). The town boasts two art galleries, three wineries, a cidery, eight cafes, seven restaurants, one motel, three hotels and 35 accommodation houses.

Bridgetown is renowned for hosting events and festivals such as: Summer Soiree in February, Jazz on the River in March, Blackwood River Chamber Festival in April, The Lawn Tennis Championship Tournament at Easter, State Downriver Kayaking Championships in August, The Bridgetown Bowling Gala and the Blackwood Classic Power Boat Race in September, the Blackwood Marathon in October, the festival of Country Gardens, and the Bridgetown Agricultural Show in November. Every year in November, Bridgetown comes alive with the Blues at Bridgetown Festival. This event grows in popularity every year, attracting world class musicians and large crowds.

Bridgetown Accommodation

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