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One hundred and thirty three kilometres southeast of Perth lies the small wheat belt town of Brookton. The town is on the Brookton Highway, the shortest route to Wave Rock. Boyagin Rock Nature Reserve is just 10 kilometres southwest of Brookton. Powderbark, jarrah and marri trees provide the homes of numbats and tammar wallabies.

Boyagin is an example of the natural habitat before the land was cleared for wheat. The Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia's world-class, 1000 kilometre walk trail passes through Brookton. The 2.5 kilometre stretch of trail from Brookton Highway to the Brookton campsite is accessible by wheelchair and the campsite provides the ideal spot for a picnic to enjoy the tranquil surrounds.

After the founding of the Swan River Colony in 1831, Brookton attracted the settlers advancing out into the timbered countryside from Guildford, York and Beverley. In 1846 John Seabrook secured land along the banks of the Avon River. For 18 years no other settlement was recorded in the area, until A.W. Robinson selected some land adjoining that of his stepfather, John Seabrook. Gradually other settlers selected land close by. Hotel, farm stay and caravan park accommodation is available in Brookton.

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