Capella is a special place where visitors are invited to relax, unwind and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the Peak Downs Shire. The Shire includes Capella, established in 1883, and Tieri established in 1982 to service the Oakey Creek Coal Mines.

The distinctive Peak Range, a succession of gigantic conical and dome topped mountains north of Capella, is a photographer's delight. Discover the grandeur of the Peaks up close on a self drive tour, or while sampling country hospitality with a visit to a country homestead for delicious morning and afternoon teas and a broad acre farm tour. There is a scenic lookout one kilometre south of town.

The Peak Downs Shire lies over the Bowen Basin coal deposit and includes nine operating coal mines, exporting millions of tonnes of coal annually. The site of the Shire's first town of Lilyvale and Lilyvale Waterhole lies between the Crinum and Gregory coal mines.

The rich fertile soils of the Peak Downs Shire and a 590mm rainfall produces millions of tonnes of sorghum, sunflower, wheat, legumes and beef annually. Sunflowers bloom in March and April; sorghum and sunflower are harvested in May, June and July, wheat in September and October and chick peas in October.

Learn Capella's history visiting the Pioneer Village. Volunteer operated, it includes the 'Peak Downs' Homestead (1869), 'Gordon Downs' Store and Woolshed, and vintage farming equipment - particularly that used during the 1948-54 Queensland-British Food Corporation scheme that marked the beginning of broad acre farming on the Highlands. QBFC's headquarters were on 'Peak Downs' Station.

Don't miss the wall and pole murals in Peak Downs Street. The pole near the pub commemorates the fact that the placing of emu plumes in the Australian Light Horse Brigade hats began at Capella during the Great Shearer's Strike of 1891.

Temperatures for Capella

Capella has hot summer temperatures. The summer high temperature for Capella is approximately 33 °c. The summer low temperature is approximately 20 °c.

Capella has warm winter temperatures. The winter high temperature for Capella is approximately 31 °c. The winter low temperature is approximately 11 °c.


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