Just south of Mandurah lies the new area of Dawesville which is a fast growing coastal suburb and very popular holiday destination. Dawesville began to thrive as a result of the Dawesville Cut Project which was completed in 1994.

Algal problems in the Harvey Estuary were solved by the project, in which a 2.5 kilometre channel was cut, linking the estuary with the Indian Ocean. The fresh saltwater from the ocean revitalised the water of the estuary, clearing the algal bloom and at the same time creating a fisherman's delight in the cut and the estuary.

Housing development began soon after the project's completion and the area is a now a popular daytrip or weekend getaway from the city. Fishing, crabbing, prawning and boating in the area are the most popular drawcards. Dawesville now has a caravan park and holiday units available for rent. More accommodation options are available in nearby Mandurah.

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