Dubbo is a city in the Orana Region of New South Wales, Australia, set on the Macquarie River, in the heart of New South Wales. It was officially named a town in 1872 and a city in 1966, Dubbo has since become home to almost 40,000 people.

John Oxley was the first European to Dubbo in 1818. The first permanent settler in the area was Robert Dulhunty, described as one of the wealthiest citizens in the Australian colony at the time.

The Dubbo area experiences a temperate climate. Summers are warm to hot, and winter ranges from 3 ºC to 16ºC with some occurrences of early morning frost.

Dubbo GaolSheep and cattle fill the country around Dubbo, and the town even has its own zoo. Western Plains Zoo is open-range and has animals from all over the world.

The town has much history and many reminders still exist of its pioneering past. The museum and the fully restored Old Dubbo Gaol are well worth visiting. Many people also enjoy reconnecting to the bygone era by taking part in a heritage trail.

Tourism is also a significant local industry. Dubbo features the open-range Taronga Western Plains Zoo, which is home to various species of endangered animals.

Dubbo BuildingAccommodation in Dubbo caters for everything from the five-star getaway to the budget-wise motel most are within minutes of the City’s major attractions.  Stay a night or a week and pick from 70 accommodation venues ranging from caravans and cabins to bed and breakfast or overnight safaris at the zoo.

Dubbo Main StreetThe bus station is on Erskine Street, with most of the major bus companies stopping here en route further north and south.

Dubbo is also considered a major shopping centre for the surrounding regional areas in the Central and Far Western districts of New South Wales. Dubbo has many shopping districts including, the large Orana Mall, Macquarie and Talbragar Streets, Centro Dubbo, Riverdale and Tamworth Street local stores. Dubbo also has many boutiques and unique stores as well as major national stores.

Dubbo Accommodation

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