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Kondinin is known as the gateway to Wave Rock, which is a leisurely 40 minute drive away. The region is in the heart of grain and sheep farming country. Attractions of the town include Kondinin Lake, Pioneer Cemetery, the trail of the Bush Schools, a Women's Suffrage gazebo and garden, a scenic 18 hole golf course surrounding Woorkakanin Rock and many restored original buildings. Spectacular wildflowers abound during September and October.

Kondinin was traversed in 1848 by Surveyor General JS Roe and was settled in 1909. The area was surveyed in 1910 for selection by early pioneer farmers. JS Roe has a heritage trail named after him which includes a magnificent mural depicting his epic journey, a replica well (Condinin Well) and the picturesque Yeerakine Rock which provides a 360 degree view.

It is also known as the 'Home of the Group' - a farm improvement group which originated in Kondinin in 1955 and now has offices throughout Australia. Kondinin offers hotel and motel, caravan and camping, or roadhouse accommodation.

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