Little Desert National Park

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Little Desert National Park isn't only sand, there are also a wide range of plants particularly during the springtime when the wildflowers are blooming. Although most of the tracks throughout the park are only suitable for 4WD vehicles there are two sealed roads which also lead through the park, travelling from the Wimmera Highway to the Western Highway. These travel from Edenhope to Kaniva and Harrow to Nhill.

There are a number of different walks which you can follow around the park, all of varying distances. If you want a shorter walk, then head to the eastern side of the national park. For those ready and prepared for a 12km walk to the Salt Lake then head off from the campsite at Kiata. Make sure that you let the rangers know of your walk before you start, and carry all essential supplies with you.

There is lodge accommodation south of Nhill, although there are also camping facilities at Ackle Bend, Horseshoe Bend and Kiata. If you are walking over a number of days bush camping is also possible, although it is best to check with the rangers for the best spots.

Little Desert National Park Accommodation

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