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Ongerup is a five hour drive southeast of Perth. The name comes from the Aboriginal word meaning 'place of the male kangaroo'. The OngerupNeedilup district is part of one of the best wildflower areas in the world.

About 1,300 species of wildflowers have been recorded in the area. They range in size from majestic salmon gums 30 metres high, to small annuals only five millimetres high. The main street on Ongerup boasts an excellent native plant garden. Late August until late October is the best flowering period and a photographer's paradise.

The Ongerup Wildflower Show is held in September and October each year. The Ongerup and Needilup District Museum is housed in the old railway barracks. Noongar (local Aboriginal) artefacts, foods and medicinal plants, natural history items, old machinery and household goods from pioneer days are featured. There are magnificent salt lakes north of Ongerup.

The Malleefowl Preservation Group, based in Ongerup, has achieved national recognition for raising awareness of the plight of the malleefowl. This bird is becoming increasingly rare in many wheat belt shires due to a loss of habitat and introduced species.

Ongerup is home to the annual 'Ongerup Shears', Western Australia's premier one day shearing event which also includes sheepdog trials. Hotel, motel and caravan park accommodation is available. Meals are available at the hotel and motel.

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