Queenstown started off as a major gold mining area, based around the Queen River Valley. This then developed into a profitable copper mining area, which was still running until 1969. Mining has since stopped due to the high levels of pollution and destruction to the natural habitat surrounding Queenstown. Bit by bit the landscape is regaining its original beauty, although it will take years to replace what is lost. This being said, there are still a variety of things to do in Queenstown, and it is a good base from which to explore western Tasmania.

To see a bit of the town's history head to the Gallery Museum, which has some interesting displays. You can also join mine tours that travel both above or below ground, which are very interesting to go on. For fantastic views of the surrounding area, head to the Spion Kop Lookout, or take a ride in the chairlift over the area.

There is a wide selection of accommodation places around the town, as well as a variety of eating places. Prices also tend to be cheaper than other towns in the region, and so it is a good place to stay.

Queenstown Accommodation

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