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Cocos Islands were spotted by Captain William Keeling in 1609, and along with Christmas Island make up part of the Australian Indian Ocean Territories. There are 27 islands within the Cocos group with Pulu Keeling 24km further north. The islands are set amongst fabulous outer reef, and offer glorious white sandy beaches.

When you arrive, you will land on West Island which is the administration centre for the Cocos Islands. There is a range of accommodation on West Island at varying prices, depending on what you are looking for and 'The Club' which is a popular night spot. From West Island you can get a ferry over to Home Island, which hosts an interesting museum and the Clunies Ross Home.

Another good trip from West Island is to Direction Island, which you can get to by boat charter. Direction Island is a dream tropical island, with wonderful beaches and beautiful waters. Both diving and windsurfing are popular on the islands lagoon. If you decide to go diving you are likely to see mantas, turtles and wild dolphins. Snorkeling is also good in 'The Rip', which leads from the lagoon to the sea.

North of the Cocos Islands, Pulu Keeling is different to the coconut plantations of the Cocos Islands. Pulu Keeling is uninhabited by humans but the home to plenty of seabirds, which live in the spectacular Pulu Keeling National Park. Birds you are likely to see on the island include Bobbies, Frigate Birds, Rails and Terns, and due to weather conditions it is best to visit the island between October and March.

You can get to the Cocos Islands on a Virgin Blue Flight, from both Western Australia mainland and from Christmas Island.

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