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Cooloola National Park is also known as the Great Sandy National Park, made up of glorious beaches, sparkling lakes, beautiful wildflowers and the pretty Noosa River.

You can drive through the National Park along the Cooloola Way from Tewantin to Rainbow Beach. Another way to see the park is along the Cooloola Wilderness Trail which leaves from Boreen Point, and continues for 46km. If you decide to drive to Rainbow Beach you will pass the beautiful Teewah Coloured Sands, as well as the wrecked Cherry Venture.

There are a number of boat tours throughout the park, many leaving from Noosa. If you would prefer to explore the area on your own, then you can hire boats from Tewantin and take them through the National Park.

There are plenty of camping grounds within the National Park, including Fig Tree Point, Freshwater, Gagaju, and Harry's Hut. The Cooloola National Park Ranger can be contacted on one of the following telephone numbers Ph: (07) 5485 3245 or Ph: (07) 5449 7792.

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