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Doodlakine is 218 kilometres east of Perth on the Great Eastern Highway just two hours and forty minutes drive from Perth located in the eastern wheat belt.

Where once a bustling little community existed in 1891 on the Goldfields Road, there is nothing but the remains of an old well, where early explorers and travellers to the goldfields would stop to water their horses.

Nothing remains of the original town site of Doodlakine, its place is marked by a plaque which was unveiled on the celebration of the town's centenary. The passing of the railway line five kilometres south of the original town spelt the end for 'Old Doodlakine' which gradually migrated to its current location and set up adjacent to the railway line.

There are other attractions in the area such as Doodlakine Historic Well, located on the Goldfields Road. It is also the site of the early town of Doodlakine before it was relocated to the railway, when the rail line was extended through to Kalgoorlie approximately 1900.

Baandee Ski Lake is five kilometres east of Doodlakine and is a gazetted water skiing area, boat ramp, showers, toilets are all located at this popular picnic spot when the lake is full, dependant on seasonal conditions.

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