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Eungella National Park is set within the spectacular Clarke Range which reaches a height of 1280 at the summit of Mt Damrymple. In the Aboriginal language Eungella is pronounced 'Doon-gell-a, which is actually known as 'Land where cloud lies over mountains'.

On arriving at Eungella you will notice this, as the temperature drops, and the rainfall rises. The cool misty air creates a fresh, paradise feeling, and explains why Eungella is home to such spectacular rainforest. The rainforest thrives on the 2000mm of rainfall that Eungella experiences each year.

Eungella National ParkEungella was first declared a National Park in 1936, although has spread since that date, now extending over 54,000ha of land. Although there are a number of walking trails around the Eungella National Park, much of the park is inaccessible.

Eungella National Park RainforestHowever, there are some truly fabulous plantlife and unique wildlife, many of which are only found within the Eungella National Park. Some of these include the Eungella Gastric Brooding Frog, the Eungella Honeyeater, the Mackay Tulip Oak and the Orange-sided Skink. Other wildlife you may see include Brushtail Possums, Gliders, Platypus and Rufous Bettong, all of which can be found around Broken River. At Broken River is a viewing platform, from which you may be lucky enough to see Platypus at dusk.

Eungella National ParkEungella is actually 2,400ft above sea level. On entering the park from the east you will pass the small town of Finch Hatton before climbing the winding mountainside road to the township of Eungella.

Eungella ChaletEungella offers a general store, post office and of course gifts and souvenirs. The drive to Eungella is amazing, however, the beauty and wonder has only just begun. From Eungella the views are spectacular looking down upon the Pioneer Valley and the distant road on which you travelled.

Sky Window Walking TrailIt is worth visiting Broken River and the Eungella Dam. On the way to Broken River you will pass the start of many of the walking trails. Many have parking areas at the start of the trails, so if you are short on time you can select the walks that you wish to follow and drive the rest of the way.

For those with more time and energy, many of the walking trails start and finish close to each other so you should be able to cover a few walks in one day.

Broken RiverAt Broken River you will find a small kiosk, picnic area and the National Park Information Centre. There is also accommodation at Broken River at the Broken River Mountain Retreat, Broken River Camping Ground and the Fern Flat Camping Ground.

It is a great place to stay, as many of the animals come out at night, however, you must register to camp. You can do this at the rangers office at Broken River.

Eungella National Park Walking TrailsThe Broken River Picnic Ground is also the point from which many of the other walks leave. Below is some basic information about the various walking trails. They are all clearly marked, and so safe to follow independently. However, the Ranger occasionally offers guided walks through the Eungella National park, which you can find out about at the Rangers office.

Eungella National Park Walking Trails

Cedar Grove 3km One Way (approx. 2 hours)

The Cedar Grove walking trail is an easy track which travels between the Cedar Grove Picnic Area and the Sky Window Picnic Area. Along the way you will see the magnificent Red Cedars which grow in the Eungella National Park rainforest.

Eungella National ParkClarke Range 6.5km One Way (approx. 3 hours)

The Clarke Range walking trail travels over the Clarke Range between the Broken River Picnic Area to about 500m from the Sky Window Picnic Area. You cross over the beautiful Broken River, and can experience fantastic views over Pioneer Valley from Surprise Lookout

Broken RiverCrediton Creek Trail 8.5km One Way (approx. 5 hours)

The Crediton Creek Walking Trail is a difficult hiking track which travels between the Broken River Picnic Area and Crediton Creek. The scenery is magnificent as you follow alongside Broken River. If you don't want to walk you can also get to Crediton Creek you can also drive. However, it is a 6.5km unsealed road.

Granite Bend Circuit 2.1km Circuit (approx. 2 hours)

The Granite Bend Circuit starts and ends at the Broken River Picnic Area, with part of the walking track being the magnificent Rainforest Discovery Walk. The rainforest scenery is beautiful and is well worth the effort.

Eungella National ParkPalm Walk 1.5km Circuit (approx. 1 hour)

The Palm Walk walking trail starts and ends close to the Sky Window Picnic Area. There are fantastic views from the Palm Lookout and great scenery along the way as you pass the tall Piccabeen Palm Groves.

Pine Grove 1.5km Circuit (approx. 1 hour)

Pine Grove walking trail starts and ends close to the Cedar Grove Picnic Area, near the township of Eungella You wander through the wonderful Eungella National Park rainforest, and can experience great views at the Eagle View lookout.

Rainforest Discovery Walk 1km Circuit (approx. 1 hour)

The Rainforest Discovery Walk starts and ends at the Broken River Picnic Area. You can learn about the rainforest as you stroll around the trail, with informative signs along the way.

Eungella National ParkSky Window 100 metre Circuit (approx. 30 minutes)

The Sky Window walking trail is a short circuit which starts and ends at the Sky Window Picnic Area.

The track is accessible for all and passes through fabulous rainforest scenery. You can also learn about the Aboriginal culture, with the interesting signs along the trail. There are also two magnificent lookouts which look out over Eungella National Park, the Pioneer Valley and the surrounding farmland to the East.

Wishing Pool Circuit 1.5km Return (approx. 1 hour)

The Wishing Pool Circuit starts and ends at Crediton Creek, passing attractive rainforest along the way. You will also pass a waterhole in the Broken River.

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