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Greenbushes is located 250 kilometres south of Perth and only 17 kilometres from Bridgetown. It is named after the Green Bushes Well, located south of where the town now stands. The well was a watering place on the Bunbury to Bridgetown road and was so named because of the bright green bushes that grew in the area.

In 1886, a surveyor reported that the area near the well contained tin in alluvial deposits. In 1888 David William Stinton found half a pound of tin in a gully, which resulted in an influx of miners and prospectors. The town's prosperity is mainly due to the timber industry, tin, lithium and tantalum mining and farming.

There are a number of scenic drives and walks that visitors can enjoy in Greenbushes. Some attractions are the Eco Cultural Discovery Centre, Greenbushes Gwalia Tin Mine, Greenbushes Heritage Park and the Geegalup Heritage Trail. There are two hotels available in the town, both offering meals and accommodation.

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