St Bees Island

The Cumberland Island Group lie protected inside the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Mackay. St Bees Island is within the Cumberland Island Group, and is a quiet volcanic isle fringed with reefs, rainforests, eucalypt woodlands, and dense grasslands which is accessible from Mackay by private transfer. The island offers basic share accommodation in a largely solar-powered cottage with hot showers and toilets and camping options with basic amenities.

The island offers the opportunity to relax on your own private tropical island beach under the palms, and, tides allowing, snorkel around the reefs or fish in the lagoon. St Bees Island has also been the research point for Central Queensland University and University of Queensland who have been investigating the population of wild koalas on the island.

St Bees Island offers accommodation in the North House, which has recently been renovated with modern bathroom and kitchen, queen bedroom, plus a double bed and singles up to 8 guests. Another building in the North area has motel style accommodation with queen bed, 2 singles, ensuite. All with million dollar views. The central area house has two queen bedrooms, bathroom, and single beds for up to 8 guests. There is a cabin with queen bed which can accommodate another two singles, again also with million dollar views. Nearby is the kitchen, bar, beer garden/dining area overlooking the bay across to North Mackay mainland. The island owners home is the South House 300 metres down a track.

Popular attractions include the world famous koala population, wallabies, and abundant bird life. Plus enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing or swimming over the reefs.

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