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Tamborine Mountain is a volcanic plateau set within the Gold Coast Hinterland of Queensland, Australia.

Tamborine Mountain was inhabited by Aborigines for tens of thousands of years and was the territory of the Wangerriburras. Until it was opened for selection in 1875 it was covered with subtropical rainforest. In that year the first white settler, John O'Callaghan selected a parcel of land on the mountain.

The climate is subtropical, with the annual rainfall of about 1600 mm falling mainly between December and March. Temperatures vary between maxima of 18 °C in winter and 32 °C in summer, averaging some four or five degrees cooler than the surrounding lowlands.

Views of the Gold Coast from Tamborine MountainFrom Tamborine Mountain you can get great views out over the splendid surrounding scenery, as well as out over the Gold Coast, to Brisbane and Mount Warning. You will also get the opportunity to see a range of wildlife including Lorikeets, Lyrebirds, Platypus, Scrub Turkeys and Wallabies.

Views of the Gold Coast from Tamborine MountainThere are some gorgeous waterfalls surrounding Tamborine Mountain, including the pretty Cameron Falls, Cedar Creek Falls and the Witches Falls. After rain the waterfalls are truly amazing, with the surrounding mountain top covered with mist. There are also some amazing lookouts in the Tamborine Mountains, offering stunning views over the Gold Coast.

Tamborine Mountain Botanic GardensThe Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens is a testament to the Tamborine Mountain Club Inc who work tirelessly to raise funds and maintain and develop the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Set in nine hectares, and located on Forsythia Drive, Eagle Heights, the Gardens are open 24 hours a day and entry is free.

Gallery Walk - Tamborine MountainIf you enjoy walking then the 9 National Parks within the Tamborine Mountain region are the place to go. There are plenty of walking tracks leading through magnificent subtropical rainforest, with several picnic and BBQ areas. A number of wineries and vineyards are in the area for those that enjoy wine or would like to sample the local produce.

Gallery Walk - Tamborine MountainThere are a number of attractions around Tamborine Mountain, as well as several accommodation places. You can also visit one of the fabulous cafes, wineries or restaurants within the area as well as some of the unique art and craft galleries.

Tamborine Mountain also hosts the Tamborine Markets at the Showgrounds on the Main-Western Road. The Tamborine Markets are held on the second Sunday of every month and are worth a visit.

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