Townsville is a large port which carries many agricultural products from North Queensland. It is also Queensland's fourth largest city, which was founded and named after Robert Towns in 1864.

Ross Creek travels through the city, with several bridges linking the two areas. The majority of places are within the northern section of the city, although you will find the Transit Centre along Palmer Street in the south.

Flinders Street is where you will find a number of historic buildings, as well as cafes, restaurants and the Flinders Street Mall. You should definitely visit the mall on a Sunday morning when the Cotter's Market is held.

Townsville PierAlong the coast in the northern section of the city is The Strand, which makes a very pleasant walk. Another pleasant (although slightly more strenuous) walk is to the top of Castle Hill, which offers fantastic views of the surrounding area.

The StrandYou should also wander around the attractive Queens Gardens which were the original Botanic Gardens in Townsville (now taken over by Anderson Park) and the Palmetum which are more pretty botanical gardens. If you would like to see some wildlife, then you should head to the Billabong Sanctuary home to a selection of animals, or the Town Common Reserve where you will find plenty of birdlife.

Townsville BeachBeing so near to the reef, there are plenty of dive schools which offer various courses for you to follow. Many of the courses offer some time out on the reef, which is definitely worth while. There are also reef trips out to Magnetic Island which is a great island to explore. For those who are certified divers you can also explore the Yongala, which is a passenger liner which sank in 1911. Pandoras Box also sank in 1791 after hitting the reef, with artifacts from the vessel displayed in the Museum of Tropical Queensland.

Around the town are plenty of attractions, including a number of museums which are all very interesting. You can find out about the areas history at the Museum of Tropical Queensland and the Townsville Museum, although there is also a Maritime Museum, the North Queensland Military Museum, and the Perc Tucker Art Gallery. There is also a rather unique Omnimax Theatre and the popular Great Barrier Reef Wonderland, hosting the fantastic Reef HQ Aquarium, a museum, theatre and several shops.

There are plenty of places to stay in Townsville, many conveniently situated close to the main attractions and along the attractive Strand. These include a selection of hostels, as well as a number of apartments and hotels. You can get around Townsville on the Sunbus which operates services around the area. Getting to and from Townsville, you have a number of choices. Several trains along the east coast pass through Townsville, as do the major bus companies. You can also fly to Townsville.

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