Adelaide Parkland

The Adelaide-Himeji Garden creates a classical Japanese style, The Mount Lofty Botanic Garden hosts forests and flowers next to a large lake, and Carrick Hill is home to a grand manor house surrounded by roses and sculptures.

Linear Park gives you the opportunity to walk or ride right from the coast to the hills.

Rymill ParkBeing a "planned" city, Adelaide's parklands were laid out in an original design. The scale of the Parkland area within Adelaide can be attributed to Colonel William Light's (first Surveyor-General of South Australia) foresight of designing a city within a "green belt" design. Adelaide's Parklands extend over an area of approximately 7.6 square kilometres.

The parklands surrounding Adelaide offer splendid walks and picnics in idealic settings. The Botanic Gardens host rare and exotic flowers and fountains, and are well worth a visit.

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